Thank you very much for printing the front-page story regarding fireworks in your December 16 edition. I would like to address what I think are some inaccuracies in the story. The petition was signed by 180 people. I would also like to clarify that our concern is not the sale of fireworks, but the private use of certain fireworks. I think this is a very important distinction which will affect public opinion towards a proposed ordinance.

Unlike what Mayor Bhasker implied in another quote in the article, “But I am also very much opposed to banning fireworks all together,” we are not proposing the banning of all fireworks.

Aerial display devices which cannot be controlled once launched are the biggest offenders and are both a noise and fire hazard. We, therefore, think it prudent to do what Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Belen, Truth or Consequences, and Las Cruces have done by banning them.

All of these cities and towns have already put in place more stringent limitations than we are proposing for Socorro.

Robert Vaughn



Robert Vaughn, Socorro