Editor: I have a big shout-out to people in your community.

On Friday, July 23, 2021, my radiator cap blew off.

A wonderful woman, Avanita (not sure I am spelling her name correctly. She is in her 60’s, married, with three adopted kids. She had her granddaughter with her) pulled over to help. I had placed seven calls to my insurance roadside assistance and they were no help.

Avanita talked with the representative and gave them Abby’s tow truck phone number in Socorro.

After an hour, nothing.

Avanita called Abby and he came out with his truck. In the meantime, a gentleman/cowboy named Luke stopped, put a rag in the radiator and used a calf roping tie.

When Avanita drove off I offered to pay her and she said, “No, just pay it forward.”

I drove to Socorro to pay Abby for driving out and drove to NAPA, right as they were closing. The manager Devin and his assistant Belinda, were awesome. Devin went out in the pouring rain and replaced it for me. After four hours I was back on the road.

I hope you will share this in your paper, with a huge THANK-YOU to all of them from me.

Rosanne Mitchell
Tonto Basin, Arizona