Concerning Cuba road, we are grateful that it is finally getting some much-needed attention. Having to dodge the construction crews to get home is a welcome inconvenience. It will be nice to not have it flooded on a regular basis. We were thinking everything was going to be great up until they started putting in the other gutter and curb.

The one problem is with the width of the final road. The DOT guidelines list such a road as needing a minimum of 9 or 10 feet per lane, depending on what documents you find, with the suggested being 12-foot lanes. I know that there is not enough room to make 12-foot lanes, but the way it is currently laid out we will be getting 8-foot lanes. Prior to the construction, we had 10-foot lanes except in a couple of particularly narrow sections and were able to pull off to allow larger vehicles to pass. For reference, a school bus is 8 feet wide not including mirrors. A horse trailer, which we have travel down the road fairly regularly, is 8 to 8 and a half feet wide.

Now the road is narrower, and it is much harder to pull off because of the curbs. And with things being on schedule, it is too late for a relatively easy fix.

Kenneth Bowden


Kenneth Bowden, Socorro