A new dessert shop is opening in Socorro’s historic plaza next month.

The Sweet Spot is the first of several new businesses its owners Richard Rood and David Martin have planned for the block on Manzanares that used to contain the Gamble’s hardware store, the HUB and the Chamber of Commerce office. Socorro Fest attendees may have already gotten a sneak peek at the store’s offerings, as they were on the plaza during the weekend event.

“No matter who you are or how old you are, everybody loves ice cream,” said Rood.

The shop will be located in the old Chamber of Commerce retail space and has been freshly renovated to serve up sweet treats. The Sweet Spot will serve shaved ice, scooped ice cream, fresh cookies and bubble waffle tacos filled with ice cream.

The owners hope it will become a welcome spot for young people and families. Rood said they’d like to make agreements with local sports teams to offer discounts so that it can become a location teams visit to celebrate their wins.

“The vision is to provide something that people will support,” said Rood. “In turn, we want to support the community with things like, I just remember when I was a little kid, when we did well in the game we were going to get snow cones.”

Rood previously planned to open a series of shaved ice stores in Las Vegas, Nevada, but the pandemic prevented that business venture from taking off. That business plan left him with shaved ice machines that will be put to good use in the new Socorro business.

One of the challenges to opening new businesses in an old building is finding people to do the work of fixing and remodeling the building, said Martin.

A manager has already been hired to run The Sweet Spot, and the owners expect to need five to six staff members.

Rood and Martin both relocated to Socorro from Las Vegas, Nevada to pursue business opportunities. They already have a business registration approved by the Socorro City Council to open a cannabis cultivation business in the space the hardware store used to occupy. They plan to open another business in the remaining retail space that will be “fun and family oriented,” but declined to say what it will be.