New Mexico Tech has launched a series of activities aimed at providing better communication, information, and resources for parents and families of students. A new section of the Tech website is now a portal for parents and families to find the information they need about campus activities and programs quickly and easily. A recently launched email newsletter seeks to provide parents and families with links to information and heads up about academic deadlines. And, for the first time, Tech will sponsor a weekend of events for parents and families to become better acquainted with the campus and the Socorro community.

New Dean of Students Jennifer Chapman said she wants to be in touch frequently with both students and their parents so they are aware of resources to help students be successful during their academic careers. She is often contacted about academic concerns, conduct issues, wellness and welfare concerns, and student and family emergencies.

“My role is to be an advocate for both our students and their families,” she said. “When I’m contacted, I try to follow up in a timely manner.” The newsletter, she said, is an extension of the services she provides as the dean of students, being a bridge between the university and students and families.

The Miners Parents and Families website page is arranged like a portal so parents and family members don’t have to go searching across the Tech website for the information they need about campus resources, academic offerings, and events.

A monthly email newsletter recently was sent out to an initial group of parents who signed up for it. Launched by the Office of Student Life, the NMT MinSocorroFesters Parents and Families Newsletter shared the link of the newly created website page for parents and families and information about the upcoming Parent and Family Weekend. Plans call for adding information from NMT Dining, Career

Services, the Counseling Center, and city of Socorro links and events. Parents and family members can sign up for the newsletter online via a Google form.

As part of its outreach efforts, Tech’s Division of Student Life is hosting the inaugural Parent and Family Weekend Sept. 16 to 18, aimed at providing an opportunity for families of new and returning students to visit their students and experience campus and community life. In addition to the President’s Annual Golf Tournament and other events on campus that weekend, the city is also hosting SocorroFest, which will provide families the opportunity to get to know Tech’s host community through cultural, social, and athletic activities. More information and registration for the schedule of events is online.

Katie Bauer, NMT Communications