Deborah Dean of Bodega Burger serves up a light and refreshing Oktoberfest beer.
Cathy Cook | El Defensor Chieftain

The music was hot and the beer was cold during Oktoberfest at the Hammel Museum on Saturday.

The fundraiser for Socorro’s Historical Society sold out of food — with at least 200 meals prepped — before the festivities ended.

“We have a big cleanup day the weekend before, which we did last weekend and it was really dirty. We had probably five or six hours of cleaning,” said Claudette Gallegos, historical society vice-president.

The historical society was unable to host the event for several years due to the pandemic.

“We’re so blessed with the City of Socorro because there are so many donations. Everybody donates and it helps us out,” she said.

The location of the Oktoberfest is a part of Socorro history. The Hammel Museum is the location of the old Hammel Brewery, and beers were sold in glasses with the original 1890s Hammel Lager Beer label.

“I think so many people drive down this street and they don’t even understand what this was and how historical it was, and then after you become a member and you become completely involved, you look and you think, you know what that was completely handmade, every rock, and that’s just fun,” said Gallegos.

Jess Landers paid for the beer, and restaurant owners Deborah and Joel Dean served it.

The historical society chose Santa Fe Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest beer, which is similar to the beer brewed at the Hammel years ago.

Deborah Dean said they served 160 beers Saturday.

“Small towns are getting lost; their histories are getting lost,” said attendee Windwalker Dorn.

Dorn came to the event because she’s passionate about supporting local history.

“People need to know where they come from and where they’re going and the history of where they come from,” she said.

The Socorro Train Gang also raffled off a train set. Their raffle will continue until December.