Pitted against a gentler Cobre Invitational course, the Socorro High School cross country team had a chance to show its true potential a week after “rock climbing” at the Jemez meet, and runners set new personal records on Sept. 10.

“The results reflect the difference in the two courses,” cross country coach Beth Cadol said. “Every runner we have ran a season-best time, and Robinson Ford, Luther Richardson, Keller Ford, Jackie Perez, and Lyzz Moellenbrock all set personal-best records.”

Varsity Boys 5K

5. Robinson Ford, 19:37,

17. Luther Robinson 21:44

30. Keller Ford 23:54

33. Rylan Timmons 28:09

35. Andrew Moellenbrock 32:36

Girls 5 K

17. Sky Sessions 25:43

27. Jaqueline Perez 26:48

32. Anastasia Zagrai 28:30

37. Lyzz Moellenbrock 29:46

44. Anna Zagrai 43:54

45. Abagail Watkins 46:32

Middle school results

The Socorro Middle School cross country team went for bigger and better in the meet in Moriarty on Sept. 15 in a race against 14 teams and a longer two-mile course.

“It was a bigger (number of schools), and longer course than usual for these kids, and they performed wonderfully,” Cadol said.

Single-digit finishers for Socorro included second-place runner Abby Cadol for the seventh-grade girls. Katerine Escalona (5th) and Avery Timmons (9th) were also top-ten racers.

7th-grade boys (70 runners)

31. Timur Aitbayev 18:43

33. Riley Sewell 18:59

7th-grade girls (72 runners)

2. Abby Cadol 15:08

5. Katerine Escalona 16:23

9. Avery Timmons 17:04

15. Kathleen Johnson 18:07

8th-grade boys (90 runners estimated)

69. Liam Demorest 20:40

8th-grade girls (60 runners)

30. Estella Candelaria 19:50

32. Niki Planck 20:02

36. Kailyn Woods 20:33