I am my mother’s daughter.

Yep – sorry ‘bout that.

I know you didn’t bargain for it

But it’s a natural fact.


Don’t hit me with a crisis

Before I get outa’ bed.

In fact, best not say anything

Till some coffee’s cleared my head.


Don’t tell me I CAN’T do something –

I’ll show you otherwise.

And if you don’t do your fair share

Angry sparks fly from my eyes.


Ah, we can seem cold-hearted wrenches

Spiteful, devious and rude

But if you like the other side,

Here’s all you have to do…


Treat me kind and gently

Considerate and understanding, too.

Consider me your equal

In what you say and do.


For heaven’s sake, be sure you do

What you say you’re gonna’ do.

Don’t look at us as if we’re aliens

Or like you haven’t got a clue.


We’re really rather simple folk

We know what’s right is right –

And if you’ll just agree with me

I’ll love you day and night.


– circa 2002


Gwen Roath


Gwen Roath