The case of the San Augustin Plains Ranch LLC’s proposal to pump water out of the San Augustin Plain is once again in the courts with a motion hearing. A series of legal motions was to be heard on Jan.12 at the 7th District Judicial Court in Reserve. However, the court hearing has been delayed.

Eileen Dodds, secretary of the San Augustin Water Report, stated the case has been in and out of court since 2007 drawing protestors from 52 governmental bodies and many individuals. Matthew Reynolds who had been involved with the case since the beginning has passed away and Judge Woods has inherited it.

“A new judge will be hearing this case for the first time. This new judge may make a decision directly after hearing from the lawyers or he may decide to take the motions under advisement and write a written decision.” Dodds said.

Dodds is hopeful that concerned community members will attend.

“Although we as a an audience, are not going to be asked are going to be allowed to participate in the conversations because this is strictly for the lawyers and the judge the lawyers on both sides it is still in our best interest to show Judge Woods that the communities involved in his decision are still concerned about the outcome.” Dodds said

According to Dodds, APR has filed multiple applications that have been denied but there is no guarantee that the new application will get denied this time. The legal motions will address whether the latest application is complete enough to move forward.