The Village of Magdalena was poised to vote on entering an agreement with Socorro County to help curtail dogs running at large in the village, but tabled the item instead until they can find out if the county is willing to waive its fees of potentially $35 per hour.

Socorro County providing limited animal control services to the Village of Magdalena was one of the agenda items in this week’s meeting in response to dogs that have been running loose all over town for over a month.

The council discussed the county coming into town last week and said they would provide limited animal control services that would cost the village potentially $35 per hour. Mayor Richard Rumpf said he spoke with County Commissioner Ray Martinez, and he plans to ask to have the fee waived for the town.

Rumpf said while the county’s animal control was in town last week, they picked up several puppies and some dead dogs. He said some town residents were cited as well. He said the county’s ability to pick up the dogs also depends on the limited space available at the animal shelter.

Rumpf said in addition to having the county’s support, the village has ordered four live traps to put in areas that might have loose vicious dogs, and they ordered a cage for the back of the Marshal’s truck so they can help to remove dogs.

He said a community member who owns many dogs at large has been cited and is waiting for a court date. He said they are expected to be ordered to surrender all the dogs. “Unfortunately, this doesn’t move as fast as we would like,” Rumpf said, saying of the contentious issue, “It’s not a perfect system but we are trying to address it.”

The council voted to table the issue until the understanding with the county is clear in case the hourly fee doesn’t get waived, per the recommendation of attorney Cori Strife.

Other items included the mayor’s update about the village getting funding for trees through the Forest Service. The mayor also said that the Environmental Department will be in Magdalena on Wednesday to fly drones and collect new data for updated mapping.
The council approved $33,300 for a carport at the senior center. The grant application was made while the county was still running the senior center, according to Rumpf. The council also approved the purchase of a new police vehicle for $58,488. Mayor Rumpf said the money comes from the law enforcement fund.

In addition, the council also approved a loan agreement for the purchase of another new police vehicle.