Robinson Ford placed 69 in the Western Sky Community Care State Cross Country Championship, with a time of 20:40.
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Socorro Cross Country runner Sky Sessions placed 49 with a time of 24:4

The Socorro High School Cross Country team competed at the Western Sky Community Care State Cross Country Championships on Saturday, Nov 6, at Albuquerque Academy.

The boys team placed 12th, led by Rio Sessions in 64th place.

Robinson Ford, Luther Richardson, Daniel Bowles and Andrew Moellenbrock also finished strong for the Warriors.

Socorro Cross Country runner Rio Sessions placed 64 with a time of 20:40.

The individual qualifiers on the girls’ team were led by freshman Sky Sessions in 49th place.

Anastasia Zagrai and Jacqueline Perez rounded out the girls finishers.

Of the eight athletes who competed at State, three had competed at the State Meet previously, and five were brand-new to running at the beginning of the season.

The State Meet capped off a season that saw many personal victories for the young team.


  1. Rio Sessions. 20:40
  2. Robinson Ford 20:48
  3. Luther Richardson 22:05
  4. Daniel Bowles 25:03
  5. Andrew Moellenbrock 30:29


  1. Sky Sessions 24:46
  2. Anastasia Zagrai 27:27
  3. Jacqueline Perez 30:03