The Socorro Warriors and Lady Warriors track and field teams repeated as district 3–3A champions at the meet on June 11 in Truth or Consequences.
Courtesy of Alex Johnson

On Friday, the Socorro track and field team repeated as district 3–3A champions as they competed in the district meet in Truth or Consequences. Numerous athletes qualified for the state championship which will be held on June 19 starting at 11 a.m. at the UNM Track and Field Complex.

100-meter dash:
Jordan Armijo, 1st, 12.02
Nathaniel Fresquez, 5th, 12.29
Brian Armijo, 7th, 12.41

200-meter dash:
Marcus Armijo, 3rd, 25.49

400-meter dash:
Marcus Armijo, 2nd, 56.03
Garrick Gutierrez, 6th, 59.78
Jordan Armijo, 9th, 1:04.67

800-meter run:

Colton Dow, 2nd, 2:26.87
Lawrence Saldivar, 3rd, 3:08.83
Zach Griego, 4th, 3:10.41

1600-meter run:
Colton Dow, 2nd, 6:04.24

Robinson Ford, 5th, 7:14.80

3200-meter run:
Robinson Ford, 1st, 16:09.00
Cody Johnston, 2nd, 20:45.00
Kaden Dow, 3rd, 20:52.00

110-meter hurdles:
Gavin spitz, 1st, 17.65
Braden Mounyo, 2nd, 18.36

300-meter hurdles:
Gavin Spitz, 1st, 47.46
Braden Mounyo, 3rd, 49.25
Isaiah Ocampo, 4th, 53.76

4×100 meter relay:
1st, 45.69

4×200 meter relay:

1st, 1:37.24

4×400 meter relay:
3rd, 4:20.16

Sprint medley relay:
2nd, 4:26.05

4×800 meter relay,
1st, 12:43.98

High jump:
Gavin Spitz, 2nd, 5-10
Stetson Stubbs, 3rd, 5-2
Davon Hardin, 4th, 5-0

Long jump:
Adadrian Jackson, 2nd, 19-0.5
Jordan Armijo, 4th, 18-9.25
Braden Mounyo, 8th, 16-10

Triple jump:
Garrick Gutierrez, 2nd, 37-10.5
Gavin Spitz, 4th, 37-4
Cody Johnston, 7th, 26-5.5

Pole vault:
Ayden Lewis, 1st, 9-6
Kaden Dow, 2nd, 8-0
Braden Mounyo, 3rd, 7-5
Cody Johnston, 4th, 7-5

Garrick Gutierrez, 2nd, 102-4.5
Dylan Avalos, 5th, 95-2
Isaiah Ocampo, 9th, 69-6.5

Nathaniel Fresquez, 6th, 120-5
Garrick Gutierrez, 10th, 97-10.5

Shot put:
Garrick Gutierrez, 3rd, 38-1
Nathaniel Fresquez, 6th, 36-2
Dylan Avalos, 7th, 35-7


100-meter dash:
Lola Apodaca, 1st, 13.52
Faith Lucero, 2nd, 13.96

200-meter dash:
Lola Apodaca, 3rd, 29.73
Faith Lucero, 5th, 30.06
Mia Tenorio, 7th, 32.49

400-meter dash:
Elise Madril, 1st, 1:02.58
Jeanette Otero, 6th, 1:32.11

800-meter run:
Sky Sessions, 1st, 3:05.08
Shay VanLandingham, 3rd, 4:00.20
Jeanette Otero, 4th, 4:13.23

1600-meter run:
Sky Sessions, 2nd, 7:30.39

100-meter hurdles:
Kilee Mounyo, 1st, 17.42
Faith Lucero, 3rd, 19.13
Alana Romero, 5th, 20.53

300-meter hurdles:
Kilee Mounyo, 1st, 51.04

4×100 meter relay

1st, 52.88

4×200 meter relay:
1st, 1:59.14

4×400 meter relay:
1st, 4:43.68

Spring medley relay:
1st, 5:30.88

High jump:
Kilee Mounyo, 1st, 4-8

Long jump:
Lola Apodaca, 1st, 15-4
Taelene Fowler, 3rd, 13-10.5
Alana Romero, 4th, 12-11.5

Triple jump:
Taelene Fowler, 2nd, 29-3.5

Marysa Ocampo, 1st, 110-5.5
Garee Apodaca, 4th, 73-10.5
Ally Martinez, 5th, 71-2.5
Taryn Armijo, 7th, 62-5

Marysa Ocampo, 1st, 90-.5
Garee Apodaca, 2nd, 86-4
Ally Martinez, 3rd, 77-11

Shot put:
Marysa Ocampo, 3rd, 26-4.5
Taryn Armijo, 4th, 26-0
Shay VanLandingham, 7th, 18-9.5