Members of the Warriors football team at Sofia’s Kitchen.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain

Socorro restaurants are teaming up to support the Warriors football team by sponsoring weekly dinners around town. On August 31, it was Sofia’s Kitchen where the boys were tanking up on a pasta-fueled meal.

The team dining out is something Samantha Childs is happy to support, and she is also proud of carrying on the tradition of Sofia’s kitchen that her great-grandmother started.

“We are doing this because we want to support our community as much as possible, and my son’s on the team as well,” Childs said. “We think it’s important for the boys to know that their community supports them.”

Community support is something head football coach Damien Ocampo appreciates.

“The restaurants and the people in the community, they’ve always supported our kids. A team dinner is another example of the show of support this community gives in general. We care so much about our young kids,” Ocampo said. They’re the future, and everybody’s willing to step up and help in any way, so I know they genuinely care about these guys, and each week they will play hard to represent them well.”

Senior linebacker/tight end Caden Moreland enjoyed his meal and discussed why he feels team dinners are essential.

“It helps us get to know each other better and helps with team bonding,” Moreland said.

That was a sentiment shared by fellow senior nose guard Xamien Aguilar.

“Eating out like this helps build our team chemistry, and we all want the Sofia’s to know we appreciate their supporting us,” Aguilar said.