Another Super Bowl has come and gone.

This year, watching the Puppy Bowl was significantly more entertaining and had a lot more action.

Is there really anything better than watching puppies run around with toys and the announcers making a lot of puns?

If I’m home for Superbowl Sunday, the day starts off with watching the Puppy Bowl with my dog Sadie (a very fluffy American Eskimo).

She is a VERY avid TV watcher.

My dad will call and tell me how Sadie wouldn’t let him move from the couch until she had her two hours of TV time. Her shows consist of Caesar who is a dog trainer on Animal Planet, a show about Meerkats called Meerkat Manor, and AFV. If any Animal Planet TV show is on that has puppies on it, she will watch it.

At 7 p.m., Sadie will stomp her paw and bark at the TV until my parents put AFV on for her. She is one spoiled little puppy (who happens to be 10-years-old).
For birthdays, she will bark and stomp her paw until a chair is pulled out for her. She will eat her slice of cake off the table.

But anyways…

Tigger did not care on Sunday that there were puppies on the TV who were playing with a variety of stuffed animals. She was way too busy playing with Zia as the two of them constantly wanted my attention. If one was getting petted, the other one would jump onto my lap to also get petted.

During the Puppy Bowl, Nate, his grandma, and I were trying to guess the breeds of each puppy. I don’t think we got a single one right. Sometimes we were shocked that the puppy didn’t have part of the breed that we thought it was.

After a while of watching puppies run around, I had to make a lot of chicken. There is a chicken recipe with sauce from back home that I use and Nate’s family absolutely loves it.

While I made chicken, Nate’s grandma was checking on the tie-dyed shirts we had made the night before.

Once it was game time, we put our shirts on and ate more food than any of us should have. I had two big pieces of brownie with frosting and more chicken than I’ve ever eaten at once.

Nate and I were the only two rooting for the Buccaneers. We wanted Tampa Bay to win but wouldn’t cheer for Tom Brady. Nate is still mad at Brady for what Tampa did to the Green Bay Packers during the playoffs and I’m a Miami Dolphin fan.

The only great part of the game was when the streaker ran the field, but they cut to commercials. I later saw a video of it on Facebook and the streaker was so close to running the length of a field and getting a touchdown — security tackled him at about the 1-yard-line.

The Kansas City Chiefs team that everyone has watched this past season did not show up over the weekend.

It looked as if they forgot how to play football.

Tampa Bay didn’t look too great either, but at least they were able to find the endzone multiple times.

I’m not sure how a team that was predicted by almost everyone to beat Tampa didn’t score once.

After watching that game, I’m shocked they were able to get far enough down the field to make three field goals.

The Chiefs also needed to be more disciplined. A Super Bowl contender should not have more penalty yards than rushing and passing yards combined.

The commercials also weren’t their usual caliber. Over the past few years, the commercials have been slowly declining. They aren’t as funny or engaging as they used to be.

In a year where everyone could use some funny and lighthearted commercials, they were definitely a disappointment. The only funny one was the Cheetos commercial where Mila Kunis constantly denies eating Cheetos to Ashton Kutcher. It reminds me of when I deny eating popcorn or Doritos to Nate.

I’m not even going to get started on the halftime show and the awful headache I had afterward.

I hope everything about the Super Bowl will be better next year.