Chase Boykin attending the Bret Cooper invitational, taking pictures with the man himself.
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Seventh-grader Chase Boykin took off for Dallas, Texas on December 27 and returned to Socorro on January 3 with an All-American gold ring.

Boykin recently participated in the annual Bret Cooper All-America Football Bowl as part of the 13+ group. The event has had several all-star players come through, including 2020’s number one overall draft pick in the NFL, Trevor Lawrence.

“The experience was mind-blowing,” he said. “I will say when it came to the parties, it wasn’t perfectly organized. Anything outside of practice could get a bit crazy. It was a lot to take in. We took interviews, I met all of my coaches and the other players. The tournament was breathtaking. The amount of talent around me. It simply had my mind blown.”

Players from around the country come together for the event and have three days to meld their skills before competing. Founder and President Bret Cooper played 12 seasons in the Arena Football league for the Tampa Bay Storm, Memphis Pharaohs, San Jose Sabercats, Orlando Predators, Buffalo Destroyers and Georgia Force.

Boykin’s father sent in footage of his son playing and he was chosen for the event. Chase Boykin has been playing football for more than nine years, playing middle linebacker and running back. He was one of the few players to compete on both sides of the ball during the tournament.

Ring Chase was able to bring home.

“What really inspired me to start playing is watching football at a young age,” he said. “Seeing even high school games to my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys really inspired me to play. Now having seen people from all over the world after this, it is amazing to see how great people can be. Doing this will definitely make me better going forward.”

Boykin plans on returning to the event next year, potentially playing in the 15 under group. He is 100 percent committed to be a future Warrior.

“It’s Warriors all the way for me,” he said. “I get really scared in front of big crowds and this really helped me if I want to succeed for the home team.”