Lady Warriors players put everything out there as the playoffs began against Rehoboth.
Greg Byrd | El Defensor Chieftain photos


The Fuddruckers Girls Soccer Championship are underway, and Socorro is taking no prisoners. Postseason play did not disappoint as the Lady Warriors came out with an 8-1 victory against the Rehoboth Christian Lady Lynx.

Senior Karen Leon making her way through the opposing defense.

“It’s awesome to see eight goals go in during the first post season game,” Warriors assistant coach Amanda Saenz said. “We just have to be repetitive every practice and remind the girls to never let up on each possession as the season comes to an end. That said, I still don’t think this team has played it’s best game yet this season. Fans are going to see that before we finish 2021.”

It appeared one sided, yet the Lady Lynx did not make things easy for the Lady Warriors in the first half. Socorro senior Lola Apodaca opened up the scoring with a ripper to the left which was indefensible for any goalkeeper.

Apodaca scored again on an easy move in the box. Senior Elise Madril decided to call her own number with a dart near midfield. That resulted in a 3-0 Lady Warriors lead at halftime.

Team Captains get ready for the game.

From that point, the game was all but over, on the way to the 8-1 Lady Warriors blowout. The sun going down on the south side of the field was not exactly helping the visiting Lynx team. Head coach Philip Frederiksen made sure his team represented his school with class during post-game handshakes.

“This is obviously not how we want to end our season,” Frederiksen said. “Socorro is one hell of a team. I am incredibly proud of what these girls have done this season. It has been a long time since this school has had a winning record. I wouldn’t change anything from this experience with these girls.”

Head coach Olguin has confidence in his Lady Warriors team entering the beginning of the post season.

“At this point there is nothing else we need to do coaching wise,” Olguin said. “This team has done everything coming out of COVID into the spring season. Our team has gone through the highs and lows. Victories and losses have made this team who they are now.”