January 18, 1972

WARRIORS LOSE by three points. The upset minded Warriors put on quite a show against the heavily favored Deming Wildcats this past Saturday. They dropped the conference championship game with a buzzer beater three pointer, losing 90-87. Deming held the lead through the fourth quarter until Larry Olguin got things going. Deming was able to overcome with five players scoring in double figures.

APPLICATIONS in Socorro are being taken for the position of Director of Operations of Mid-West New Mexico CAP. The position involves four counties and is head-quartered in the main office in Grants, New Mexico.

INFORMAL CLASSROOM TREND has been adopted. The Board of Education is making flexible plans for the future concerning the new Zimmerly school. The board heard a report from Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Anderson, who attend a “Open Schools” conference in Denver. The idea is to make classrooms freer and more open to students. Classes at Zimmerly will get rid of dividing walls as well as have a change of organization in which children are grouped together based on interest and ability.

January 20, 1972

CRASH LANDING hits the local cotton gin. A single-engine Aeronca Defender went down Friday morning three miles North of Lemitar. The pilot, Howard Stansell, maintained control enough to land safely on the frontage road near the cotton gin. A power outage is what caused the plane to go down. The pilot and his wife Anna were able to walk out from the crash to call deputy Darrell Reynolds for help.

DUO PIANISTS will be performing at New Mexico Tech this weekend. Part of the NMT Performing Arts Series, Markowski & Cedrone will put on an 8 p.m. show Jan. 24. The artists perform on their own Baldwin grand pianos. The program will include works by Clementi, Poulenc, Saint-Saens, Liszt, Faulcouner and Gershwin. The show is commissioned by the state for the year. Socorro will have the pianists for a 90-day run.

SHS GRADUATE Henry A. Montoya is officially a PVT Infantry Marine. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Pablo C. Montoya, the young man graduated from basic training this past week at the Marine Corps Training Facility based out if San Diego. He graduated from Socorro High in 1970.

January 19, 1997

D.A.R.E. STUDENTS graduate during a ceremony that coincided with the unveiling of the Regina Oriol’s DWI Memorial Wall. Parents, teachers and children from three separate elementary schools attended the event which took place at a packed Sarracino auditorium. Many of the students cried as Oriol and Adolf Baca were honored. Local D.A.R.E. coordinator Sheriff Deputy David Marquez arranged a program that included both local and out-of-town speakers. More than 300 students were in attendance.

COTTONWOOD TREES will hopefully be saved. County Commissioner Bennie Barreras looks to save the local trees. During Tuesday’s commission meeting, Barreras suggested that along with the proposed upgrades to Escondida Lake there also be consideration in upgrading the cottonwood trees. Road Supervisor Marty Greenwood brought up the fact that this has been a discussion for several years. Barreras stressed that the clean up should require minimal effort.

NEW JOBS proposed from shrimp farm. An unlikely shrimp farm is being proposed in Socorro County that could generate an estimated 100 jobs. The farm would cost around $1.5 million to construct and would be around 100 acres. Albuquerque promoters of “Aquatic Farming” Joseph Miller and Cortez Williams approached mayor Ravi Bhasker with the idea. It would be a three-year project if, approved.

January 22, 1997

PLAZA PERFORMANCE for the community. Gravity Theater performers James, on the saxophone, Rahlua, the “Fire Eater,” and Heineke, on the accordion, put on a free show this past weekend. The San Francisco based group popped in as part of their country wide tour.

DESTINED CLASSIC showing at the Loma Theater this week. It’s time to “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” as Tom Cruise stars in “Jerry Maguire.” Tickets will be available from Friday-Thursday with a Sunday matinee screening at 3:15. All tickets are $3.50.

January 18, 2012

INTO THE WILD BLUE YONDER is what three young Socorroans said. Last month, Danny Bowman, Jeff Hankins and Paul Norman conducted an experiment while home for Christmas. Their combined Science Olympiad experience had the three childhood friends successfully launch a makeshift capsule into the earth’s stratosphere. The capsule went in excess of 90,000 feet above ground and captured multiple pictures from around the globe. An ice chest was used to secure the camera.

FRACTURED SNOW WHITE is the latest adventure on stage at Socorro High School. It promises to be a strange take on the classic. Promoted as a “incredibly funny” version of the tale, “Snow White” features a handsome prince, a beautiful princess and the loveable seven dwarves. Leah Guengerigh is set to star in the title role.

BOOK WRITER on Bosque Del Apache has her book released. Robyn Harrison, a lover of the Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, has just released her Bosque Del Apache, A Brief History. The book centers around the natural wildlife, nature, land usage and history of the region. Harrison is quick to thank the help of editor LuAnn Pavletich in getting her book published.

Complied by Greg Byrd