February 1, 1972

FIRE DEPARTMENT called to save a wooden bridge totally ablaze around 5 p.m. The bridge, which crosses the flood control on W. Spring St., could possibly have been set on fire by weed burning in the area. The “good-sized fire” said Fire Marshall Trujillo, required the use of all three trucks and 29 firemen to contain the blaze. Fire hydrants were far enough away to require a two-truck hook-up. Trujillo says the fire would have been quenched earlier if they had use of all their equipment. The Socorro Fire Department wishes to thank the volunteer Tech students that loaned them transport equipment.

OT WIN for the Warriors. The Gadsden Panthers came to town fresh off an upset win against second ranked Deming. Forced to go the limit and then some, Socorro got the win 60-57. Floyd Gonzales received the opening tip and was the Warriors’ leading scorer. Warriors went up 28-13 early but the Panthers did not give up. Coach Becker said he was extremely pleased with the win, especially because it was a close one.

BARN THEATER has a new must see hit. “The Fantasticks,” a show which played off-Broadway for 13 years, out ran the like of “Oklahoma” and “The King and I.” Choreographing the show was a challenge as it utilizes all four sides of the stage. Funny scenes are centered around two fathers bent on intrigue and matchmaking, all the while bickering over who has the better lawn.

February 3, 1972

STAN ZEBROWSKI on Tuesday was named by Socorro County Commissioners to the Board of Trustees of the Socorro General Hospital. Zebrowski is well known in the county and has been an active member of the Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the Chamber backed Hilton Golf Tournament. He is also the manager and owner of the Credit Bureau.

CLEARANCE SALE at the Socorro Brownbilt Shoe Store. To reduce their overstocked inventory, all shoes and western wear are 30% to 90% off. Children’s shoes are 30% to 40% off. Shop and save.

NAVY RECRUITER REUPS and was sworn this week. Randy L. Sloan has been Socorro’s Navy Recruiter for three years and has had his duties reinstated under oath. He resides with his wife Elizabeth at 510 Second Street, NE.

January 29, 1997

COOPERATIVE DANCES are being proposed for students. San Miguel and Sarracino middle schools may try to set up dances for the kids. Some parents were upset after three San Miguel students were asked to leave a Sarracino dance on January 24. The parents said that as taxpayers their children should be allowed to mingle with other public school students. Sarracino policy currently is that only students attending their school can mingle at events.

ALL STATE HONORS for six Socorro High School students. Pete Roghan, first as a running back; Terry Rother, honorable mention as defensive end; Damien Ocampo, first team defensive back and second team quarterback; Lenny Baldonado, second team line backer; Will Grigg, second team honorable mention at tight end; Josh Barela, first team wide receiver.

THE HOBBIT has been transported from the page to the theater. As part of the New Mexico Tech Performing Arts series, the beloved fantasy novel will be shown at the Macey Center on February 1. There will be two showings at 4:30 and 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 dollars for children. Teachers bringing 10 or more students receive a 10% discount.

February 2, 1997

BIG BLAST was heard across Socorro. What sounded like a sonic boom was the last phase of anti-terrorism research that has been going on at EMRTC. The detonation of an ammonium nitrate fuel oil mixture (ANFO) was four times larger than any test previously conducted at Tech’s field laboratory behind ‘M’ Mountain. It is the type of bomb recently used in international terrorist attacks. The blast was the equivalent of 20,000 pounds of TNT.

FREE THROW CONTEST will be held for Socorro youth. The Knights of Columbus will host the event, free of charge, on February 2. Girls and boys ages 10 to 14 are all welcome. The contest will take place in the Socorro High School gym and will start at 1 p.m.

ANIMAL PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION is once again offering to help pay for spay and neutering services for local animals. For years APAS has offered its service for the health and safety of all animals in the community. Do your part. Help your animals get “fixed” and also educate others why they should do the same.

February 1, 2012

RASH OF KILLINGS in Lemitar. Five dogs have been murdered in the Lemitar area over the past month. Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Sweeney said that this is clearly not a one-time thing. Sweeney said that dog shootings do happen, just not in this large amount. Evidence obtained to date shows they were killed with the same high-powered weapon, similar to an M-16. At one of the scenes there were tire tracks and boot prints, indicating the perpetrator stopped his truck and got out intentionally to shoot.

MUSIC FAIRE to take place February 15. Socorro High School will host an event which is aimed at putting student creativity to the test. There will be project displays, oral presentations and performances of original works and plays the students have written about the impact of music. One feature will be an instrument “petting zoo” where children of all ages can see, feel, hear and touch instruments they have only heard of.

2011 COMMUNITY AWARDS are taking place February 18 at a black-tie banquet affair at Bodega. The Socorro tradition is a fun way to honor those making Socorro County a great place to live. Dennis Walsh is receiving Man of the Year and Theresa Rosales is receiving Woman of the Year.

February 4, 2012

COMMUNITY ARTS PARTY to take place on February 11. Swirling colors, graffiti boards, tissue butterflies and tile painting are just a few of the many arts projects to be on display. The event is free and will take place at the Finley gym from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

TECH SCIENTIST honored. Dr. Paul W. Bauer, associate director and principal geologist at the Bureau of Geology recently won the 2011 award for Outstanding Outdoor Guide Book. From the National Outdoor Guidebook association. His book The Rio Grande is about raising public awareness of local water issues.

Compiled by Greg Byrd