September 28, 1971

THE BANK OF SOCORRO is being readied as incorporators finalize the bank’s reorganization. The bank will be located on the same land owned by Ernest Moore of the Belen Savings and Loan Company near the intersection of School of Mines Road and Fisher off of the plaza. The Commissioner of Banking in Santa Fe gave informal approval to organizers proposing the Bank of Socorro last week.

STATE FAIR COMMISSIONER Paul Woofter and his father, A.D. Woofter, were photographed at the grandstand on Wednesday. Both from Socorro, the elder Woofter has raced horses for 40 years. Now his granddaughter, Frances Woofter Cowan, and her husband Claud are continuing the family tradition. Two generations of riders received the good news from the latest Frances as her family’s horse Planchado, one of the many racehorses in the Dundee, Texas, took home tops in the 11th race, winning a $36,400 purse. Mrs. Cowan is also a former State Fair Queen.

Hot Prices at Safeway. Special discounts for the week include: meatball stew – 58 cents a can; ½ gallon of Lucerne Sherbet – 78 cents; 1 pound bag of coffee – 82 cents; mouthwash – 28 cents per 16-ounce bottle.

The Oscar Nominated film “Little Big Man” is coming to the Loma Theater, starring multiple award winner Dustin Hoffman, the film centers around Hoffman as a white child in the early days of American expansion across the west who is raised by Native Americans. Showings will be nightly at 8 p.m. Thursday – Saturday night.

September 30, 1978

SAN ACACIA’s water supply was condemned by the Socorro County Environmental Improvement Agency on Tuesday due to contamination from intestinal coliform bacteria. Charles Hendrickson of the Socorro office and Marvin Peters of the Las Cruces regional office investigated and discovered the contaminations. Signs warning of the contamination were posted, but district attorney Eldon Douglas is fighting to rule out a full water shutdown. The initial issue came from an open-top well casing that was letting in dust and other contaminants.

The Future Farmer of the month has been awarded to Donnie Bamert. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bamert, the 17-year-old is currently a senior at Socorro High School and is enrolled as a Vocational Agricultural Aide. Donnie’s farming program consists of 65 head of breeding sheep, 15 head of feeder sheep, one breeding swine, and two breeding horses. His net earnings over the past three years come to $4,500.

A MICROBIOLOGY MEETING will be conducted October 8 and 9 with New Mexico Tech serving as hosts for the meeting of the New Mexico Branch of the American Society of Microbiology. Principal speaker for the event is Thomas A. Brock, professor of Natural Science at the University of Wisconsin. The program chairman is James A. Brierley of the Department of Biology at Tech. The campus chapter of Tri-Beta will be on hand assisting the event.

September 25, 1996

WRESTLING PROGRAM APPROVED by the Socorro school board to join other sports being played. Board members voted to spend $4,250 for a wrestling program at Sarracino Middle School. One-half of the funding will come directly out of the school board budget, with the other half being contributed from the athletics budget. Superintendent Delbert Fraissinet believes the new program has the potential to join basketball and football as a moneymaker for the district.

NEW STAFF MEMBER JOINING EL PUENTE, a facility that provides shelter for victims of domestic violence and to counsel both the victims and perpetrators of violence. Sue Ness is the new administrative assistant at the facility located off Franklin Street. She joins executive director Dorothy Larkin, clinical supervisor Barbara Peters and domestic violence counselor Peg Schwartz. The staff handled 75 clients in July alone, logging more than 155 hours of counseling.

MIRACLE LINKED to El Defensor Chieftain. An Arizona woman, P.E. Garcia, said she stopped in Socorro on her way back home from Albuquerque where her father was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. She picked up a copy of the Chieftain and found an ad with a prayer to St. Jude. Garcia’s father’s doctors said all hope was lost. After seeing the ad, she prayed and that is what she attributed to her father coming back from certain death.

September 29, 1996

OFFICERS JOINING UNION as 13 employees of the Socorro County sheriff and detention center staff voted to unionize. A single vote out of the qualified 20 employees eligible surpassed the required 60 percent for the motion to go through. There is a 15-day period to protest the decision with the President of the Socorro County Sheriff’s Officers Association Deputy David Marquez stated another vote will be necessary before the collective bargaining process can begin.

SOCIAL WORKER Paulette Coulloudon has returned to Socorro, taking up the role of home health care provider through Socorro General Hospital. A Socorro-born woman, Coulloudon will be replacing Barbara Lux, who will be returning to Santa Fe to finish her education and help her husband with his business. Coulloudon looks forward to the challenge of working for the community despite having limited resources.

September 28, 2011

“M” MOUNTAIN FLY-IN brings in hundreds of spectators during its 11th annual festival. The event, hosted at the Socorro Municipal Airport allowed spectators to get up close with various airplanes and helicopters, both military and domestic, as well as various other forms of taking to the sky.

Homecoming Court was unveiled for Magdalena High School during halftime of their victory against Cloudcroft. Homecoming King was #33 for the Steers, Miles Parscal. Kameron Armstrong was awarded Homecoming Queen. Number 11 Dre Montoya and Kadie Klehne were crowned Homecoming Prince and Princess.