Compiled by Denise Ortega

JUNE 27, 1972

SARRACINO ANNIVERSARY. On Wednesday, June 21, Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Sarracino were hon­ored with a 25th wedding anni­versary celebration given by their children. Twenty people enjoyed the event with food and drinks. The beautifully decorated anni­versary table had a centerpiece of white gladiolas and daisies and had silver boglets engraved with “Pilar and Ramon.” The couple received many lovely and useful gifts, in keeping with the 25th-anniversary theme.

TRUDY APODACA, a del­egate to the Democratic National Convention, told the press that a fire had wiped out all her furnish­ings and personal belongings. By the time firefighters reached her home, the interior of the home was gone. The cause of the fire is undetermined. Investigation is still in progress.

JUNE 29, 1972

THE BOSQUE DEL APACHE National Wildlife Refuge experienced a surge of unwanted pets showing up on the refuge. A wildlife refuge is no place for domestic pets and the abandonment of pets on a wildlife refuge is a federal offense. The animals that survive the predators must be disposed of by refuge personnel. Investigations are underway to apprehend and prosecute persons guilty of dump­ing unwanted pets on the refuge. These unwanted pets seriously detract from the mission of the wildlife refuge by consuming time that could be more profitably spent on wildlife projects.

JUNE 25, 1997

CAR FIRE. An Albuquerque man was able to escape uninjured from a burning car. Steven Boyd was five miles outside of Socorro headed north on I-25, when he noticed smoke coming from the cab of his Mercury. Boyd pulled over before the car was totally engulfed in flames. Several passersby armed with extinguishers stopped and helped Boyd extinguish most of the fire before Midway Fire Department personnel arrived. The fire may have been electrical in nature.

JUNE 28, 1997

NEW OWNER. Andy Vaiza is the new owner of A&P Auto. Vaiza has revitalized, restocked, and revamped the auto parts store, which is backed by American Auto Parts. A&P will also offer overnight delivery. Vaiza is a Socorro native with 20 years experience in the auto supply business, including service with franchise and independent operations. A&P is family-owned and operated. Helping Vaiza out this summer is his son Matthew, who will be a sophomore in high school.


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JUNE 27, 2012

BELEN POLICE officer Martin Benavidez, a Socorro resident, was awarded a Medal of Commendation for the performance of his duties as a police officer for capturing a suspect accused of kill­ing two Belen women. Benavidez is described by his superior as a person who makes the extra effort. A humble person, he believes in teamwork, and that officers don’t get enough respect for the job they do. Benavidez has worked in law enforcement for 11 years and was named officer of the quarter and officer of the year in Belen. He received a plaque and proclama­tion from the city of Belen.

LASER TAG. Three young men have established Socorro Laser Tag — but it’s not what you might expect. Richard Chavez, Fred Chavez and Steven Thibedau have taken traditional laser tag outside and added mechanics from popular video games such as “SOCOM” and “Call of Duty.” Their goal is to provide a low-cost activity for local youth to help keep them active and out of trouble. They found laser pistols that run on batteries and have an effective range of nearly 100 yards. They eschewed the normal sensor vest in lieu of a top mount­ed sensor.