Compiled by Denise Ortega

JULY 20, 1972

RAY P. REED, an English and social studies teacher at Magdalena High School, participated in graduate studies on the “Preservation of the Principles of Freedom,” at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Pa. Mr. Reed was among 80 teachers and administrators from throughout the nation who were awarded scholarships to the special summer graduate credit course of three weeks duration. Freedom Foundation is dedicated to bringing about a better understanding of our democratic Republic, its free enterprise system and citizenship responsibilities.


  • Excedrin 36 Ct. $.73
  • Ban Roll-On $.92
  • Hamburger Helper $.58
  • Best Food’s Mayonnaise $.73
  • Jif Peanut Butter $1.04

TWO PILOTS assisting in putting out a small forest fire 24 miles southwest of Socorro and west of Torreon Springs died instantly as their plane crashed into a mountainside. The two were piloting a B-17 Slurry Plane and had dumped one load in the fire area when the left wing tip of the plane struck a tree. It then dipped the left wing, which turned it upside down, impacting the nose into the rugged terrain below.

JULY 16, 1997

TEACHING LOCAL school children about injury prevention has earned Lt. Charles Gallegos and the Socorro Fire Department a statewide award. Gallegos will receive the EMS Health Promotion Award during the 17th annual statewide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) conference. Gallegos said the award recognizes educational efforts through an EMS injury prevention program. He was nominated by a statewide advisory committee and by the regional program coordinator. Gallegos joined the city fire department in 1981 as a firefighter.

JULY 20, 1997

TENANTS ESCAPE unharmed from an apartment building that burned Thursday morning. The roof of the apartment complex at 739 Highway 60 sustained extensive damage. The cause of the fire may have been electrical said city Fire Chief Bob Brunson. Rooms were damaged by smoke and water. When parts of the roof collapsed, debris fell into the rooms. Apartment dwellers didn’t notice the smoldering roof until a passerby informed them.

JULY 14, 2012

EL DEFENSOR CHIEFTAIN has been taken over by Elva Osterreich, former associate news editor for the Alamogordo Daily News. Osterreich attended UNM and received a Bachelor of Arts in photography and creative writing. She moved to Alamogordo in 1993 and was hired as the community life reporter for the Daily News. After 19 years with the Daily News, she decided to look for better opportunities and found the Chieftain. Osterreich plans to keep the lines of communication open and says anybody is welcome to give us a call, or visit with whatever issues they would like to share.

A NATIONAL GUARD flatbed truck struck and toppled a street lamp at the intersection of Neal Avenue and California Street. The truck, which was carrying two Humvees, was turning left on to California Street in order to follow a convoy. The driver turned too tightly and toppled the lamp post, then left the scene. There were no injuries.\ The truck was not damaged, but the street lamp was broken. Repairing the street lamp will cost an estimated $2,500, depending on damage done to the concrete base and any electrical infrastructure.