Compiled by Denise Ortega

OCTOBER 10, 1972

THE DE LA SALLE BARBER shop was temporarily put out of business following an accident that resulted in a fatality. Witnesses at the scene of the accident reported that the driver of the car was attempting a left turn on California while proceeding west on Otero and was traveling at a high rate of speed. The driver lost control, the car going into a skid toward Ace Auto Supply. When the back tires hit the curb the car reversed direction and slammed into the barbershop. The victim was sitting on the passenger side, his body more in the back seat than in the front.

YASS HAKOSHIMA, performing pantomime will be appearing at the Theatre-at-Tech as the second Performing Arts selection. His performance consists of a repertory of numbers that embody humor, pathos, frustration, grandeur and a symbolic struggle for freedom. Born in Osaka, Japan, Mr. Hakoshima became a member of the first Western Pantomime Group in Tokyo in 1956.

OCTOBER 12, 1972

MOUNTAIN BELL believes in safety first. Have you ever wondered why the telephone company uses orange cones in the front and rear of their parked vehicles? Socorro manager Bill Garcia explained that they are used as a tangible reminder that Bell System employees should check underneath their front and rear wheels in order to prevent backing accidents, which have proved so costly in terms of human lives. “We are trying to create a sense of awareness in order to attack and minimize the tragic consequences which usually involve young children,” Garcia said.

OCTOBER 8, 1997

A TRUCK DRIVER, accused of causing an accident, is also being held on charges of smuggling marijuana. The driver was involved Saturday in a two-vehicle accident on I-25 in Socorro County. He is being held in Socorro County jail for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, conspiracy and tampering with evidence. A second driver was injured after his pickup was rear-ended by the semi. State police found 66 pounds of marijuana, which has a street value of $66,000.

OCTOBER 12, 1997

OVER 600 TORRES ELEMENTARY School students will march to Sedillo Park in a Red Ribbon Parade. The march, as a culmination of Red Ribbon Week anti-drug activities, will begin at 10 a.m. Students will carry banners and ride on floats. The school’s flutophone group may also perform. After leaving the school, the students will walk down Neel, Franklin and El Camino Real until reaching the park. A helicopter belonging to the New Mexico State Police will be on display at the park and will be used to take an aerial photograph. People are encouraged to come out and watch the parade.

OCTOBER 6, 2012

READING LEVEL POLICY. Three-quarters of New Mexico voters think that third graders who aren’t reading at grade level should be held back for another year, according to a recent Albuquerque Journal poll. Gov. Martinez and New Mexico Education Secretary Hanna Skandera both support retention of third graders who can’t demonstrate reading competence on standardized tests even if their parents object. But all of Socorro’s elementary school principals think a blanket policy at the state level calling for the retention of every low-performing third grader is a bad idea.

OCTOBER 10, 2012

WEST NILE VIRUS has been confirmed in two Lemitar horses according to local veterinarian David Baker. Both horses have now fully recovered. The Lemitar horses are the first equine cases of West Nile this year in Socorro County. The horses have not been vaccinated. Other vaccinated horses in the same herd were not affected, which shows the current equine West Nile vaccine is still effective. Mosquitos transmit the disease. September and October are the prime months for West Nile infections.