November 18, 1971

THEATER-AT-TECH will be hosting a series of one-act plays starting this Thursday and will run through Saturday as part of Tech’s Fine Arts Department series. First on the bill, “The Marriage Proposal” is set in the late 19th century in the decadent Russian aristocracy. The play is an amusing farce based on the work of Anton Checkov. Eugene Ionesco’s “The Chairs” is an avant-garde piece that will follow. “The Chairs” examines the relevance of everything around us and to some degree, pauses judgement. “Waverly Street Bliues” is the most contemporary part of the trio. Written by Alan Marshall, the play perhaps strikes closest to home with its treatment of the young adult and his ambitions.

PRESIDENTIAL CANIDATE George McGovern arrives in Socorro this coming Wednesday, November 24. A police escort, the Socorro High School band and cheerleaders, and a motorcade will meet the Senator’s party at Bullock and California to escort McGovern to the plaza. There will be a welcome party, including superintendent Placido Garcia. Senator McGovern is expected to speak at 1 p.m.

STOP AND SHOP has deals for the holidays. Taste Treat Bacon is 65 cents per pound. Sausage is 47 cents per pound. U.S. choice prime rib is 83 cents per pound. West crest corn is going for 29 cents per pound.

BIG DANCE at the Sunset Lounge this Saturday. Taking place in the Ember Room, Jim Robinson and his Western Swingers will put on a show. “So follow the crowd to the sunset. No cover charge.”

November 17, 1996

PHOTOS WANTED Anyone who has had a loved one killed by a drunk driver is invited to send a photo of the person for inclusion on a remembrance wall for DWI victims. The deadline is November 21. The opening ceremony for the wall will start at 6 p.m. on Friday, November 22 at Rocket Park in Aztec. Candles will be lit at the park a full 24 hours and Taps will be played every hour on the hour. In addition, the Aztec police will be at post on the wall during the 24 hour period. The 7-foot tall and 8-foot wide wall will honor victims from across New Mexico.

THE FARAWAY DRUM production company, in association with the Naa Kahdi theater, is bringing an original performance to town at the Macey Center, starting November 22. The performance tells stories from Native Alaskan and Navajo cultures with two mythological characters in oral literature. Raven from people of Northwest Alaska and Canada. Coyote from the tribes and nations of the Southwestern United States.

JOY JUNCTION won’t be coming to the village of Magdalena after all. A federal agency has denied an application by Joy Junction, an Albuquerque based shelter for homeless families, to renovate and occupy four empty Bureau of Indians Affairs (BIA) dorms for its program. Village mayor James Burson was notified by the General Services Administration (GSA) that the application had been denied by the federal Health and Human Services Department because Joy Junction did not have the financial capacity to back the proposed project.

November 12, 2011

66 HAPPY YEARS were celebrated on 11-11-11 for Lillian and Harold Dotson. Harold first saw Lillian when he stepped on the bus in 9th grade and said she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. After graduating together in 1943, Harold went to the army. Lillian served her country as well, working on airplanes and gliders. After graduating pilot training, Harold went straight to the nursing rec room and got down on one knee. She said yes. Having relocated to Socorro years ago, the Dotson’s recently celebrated their grandson Andrew’s marriage in 2010.

HIGH ALERT on 11-11-11 had parents keeping their kids at home. A hand written letter with a threat “upon the people of Socorro” was sent to the Socorro Police Department on Monday which stirred unrest around the community. The letter made two references to 11-11-11 and warns that schools, government officers and law enforcement facilities are targets of an implied bomb. Socorro Police Chief George Van Winkle said patrols were heightened throughout the week and the FBI is involved in the ongoing investigation.

THEONNE RITCHIE KUYKENDALL, a 1940s veteran, was honored this week at Isidro Baca Park on Friday. Kuykendall enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Pharmacist Mate First Class until she was discharged in 1947. She came to Socorro in 2005 as a Hurricane Katrina evacuee and had lost her medals during the storm. Fellow veterans Tom Delehanty and Michael Schirra presented her with replacements.

Compiled by Greg Byrd