When I took my lunch break on May 17, I went to Walmart as I needed blue and red nail polish. I found the two closest shades I could to the Colorado Avalanche colors and was able to get the first two coats done before I had to head back to the office.

I finished the final coat and put on two clear coats when I got home and then called Phil. We talked about random stuff the whole time I was on my hour-and-a-half walk, but it started with a hockey discussion and him telling me that there is no way the Avs will sweep the Blues in four games.

He’s as big of a St. Louis Blues fan as I am a Colorado Avalanche fan. The two teams are huge rivals and it’s made things interesting between us.

After we decided we made fun of each other enough on the phone, I put the game and my Gabriel Landeskog jersey on.

Cale Makar scored first for the Avs, which meant an immediate text to Phil.

Pretty soon the game was tied at one and Phil made sure I knew it. Colorado dominated the third period by scoring three goals. By the end of the night, the only response from Phil I received was, “I don’t like your or your stupid team.”

We didn’t talk at all on Tuesday, but the rivalry continued on Wednesday. The night started with me being nice to him, which felt way too weird so I went back to making fun of him and his team.

The Avs took a very fast 2–0 lead which he responded “congrats” too. Well, the message sent with confetti and I didn’t stop laughing for a few minutes. Phil was not happy about it.

After more going back-and-forth through text, he stopped replying back. Kind of like what my brother does to me during football season.

Phil decided that he wanted to torture himself even more and came down to Socorro on Friday to watch game three of the series. By that point, I was feeling incredibly confident in my team as the Avs were ahead 2–0 and only needed two more wins to move on to round two.

We basically have a sibling relationship as I greeted him with Nerf darts when he walked in. That resulted in about two hours of the two of us shooting at each other.

It became less fun when he somehow got both Nerf guns and the whole bag of darts. Later that night, my team destroyed his.

I was very worried during the first when both teams were playing exceptional hockey, but the Avs went on to win 5–1.

Once the Avs scored, I couldn’t let Phil off easy so I went on Twitter and retweeted the video of the goal and said, “I know you’re sitting right next to me, but I thought I would remind you.”

I did the same thing for the Avs four other goals that night. The look on his face each time he got the notification was priceless.

We didn’t talk much for game four of the series as I was at an Albuquerque Isotopes game. I knew that if something major happened during the game that my grandma would call me. She sent me the bitmojis during the game to keep me updated and once the Avs won 5–2, I sent broom emojis to both of my friends who are Blues fans. I never got a response from them.

Until the hockey season starts up again in October, Phil and I won’t talk as much. We’ll talk during football season, but our teams aren’t really rivals. He just likes to make sure I know how well Ryan Tannerhill is doing now that he’s no longer on the Dolphins.

For now, I’m still trying to get a few of my friends into hockey so I have people to watch the games with.