The young Socorro Warriors Soccer Club made a trip to Tucson, Ariz. this month to compete in the Fort Lowell shootout.
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The 2021-22 Socorro Warriors Soccer Club went west for a tough one to Tucson, Ariz. Representing the AYSO 364 bracket, the players were not afraid to match up against bigger city competition. Christopher Olguin brought down his U-10 boys squad for the Fort Lowell shootout on January 14.

“I entered our team in the top bracket,” head coach Christopher Olguin said. “The reason I wanted to do that was to give these kids exposure to what the big-time competition looks like. See what’s really out there besides just going out against teams in Albuquerque.”

Many players and families arrived Thursday to the hotel. Friday was the big kickoff day with a parade for the event with the visiting Socorro team dressed up as Warriors. From there it was game time in the Kino Sports Complex.

There were multiple events during the tournament. Several Special Olympics events took place. There was also a shootout as well as a juggling competition in which kids went head-to-head. Socorro placed second in the shootout competition as well as in juggling. Of the five teams in the bracket, the Warriors took home one medal in a golfing event, which is a miniature golf-style competition with soccer balls involved.

The Socorro program averages 10 to 15 players and they practice in some way every day of the week according to coach Olguin. Twelve Boys select was the biggest challenge. It was the Warriors’ final game as they were defeated 8-0.

Olguin had been searching for a tournament to help build the program and came across the showdown in Tucson.

“We came home with zero wins,” Olguin said. “But I just wanted these kids to come out with experience. I don’t want this program to be just an experiment. I want these kids to go to the next level. Our kids came out fearless and they came out fighting. I wanted to show this crew after the shock and awe of what these kids need to work for. It’s great to show these kids what they can achieve and how far they can go.”

Next up for the team is the Classic FC Spring Cup on February 26-27 which will take place in Bernalillo at the New Mexico Soccer Tournament Complex.