The Socorro 100% Community Survey is still looking for survey participants, extending the deadline for responses from the start of January to March 10.

The community survey is part of the 100% Community project, which works to get 100 percent of Socorro County residents 100 percent access to 10 vital services. The last survey was in 2019 before the pandemic, so a great deal is expected to have changed since then.

The survey is used to assess what kind of service needs exist in Socorro County and tries to find answers to questions like how many people have access to their own doctor, how many people have access to food, or how many people have access to daycare.

The results have a direct impact on the kind of work local organizations like the Socorro County Options Prevention and Education (SCOPE) Health Council do. SCOPE will use the results to direct its strategic plan for the next five years.

One of 15 bike racks SCOPE placed in Socorro County. The bike rack project was created based on results from the last community survey.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain

According to SCOPE coordinator Samantha Winters, the Health Council used the 2019 survey results to direct its bike rack initiative. The results demonstrated that a significant number of people did not have access to a private vehicle, so the bike rack project was launched—placing 15 bike racks in locations around the county.

The results from the last survey have also been used by Socorro High School to apply for grant funding.

“Unfortunately, COVID threw a wrench into everything,” said Winters.

Shutdowns caused a reallocation of funding from some existing projects.

“We definitely lost a few grants through the community, like the Teen Center, unfortunately, was shut down. The Juvenile Justice Board lost its funding for that and a few other programs. Right as we were getting momentum and trying to work through some of these problems, unfortunately, the pandemic happened.”

This survey is separate from the annual New Mexico communities survey, which focuses more on substance misuse and asks questions about mental health and the use of alcohol or tobacco.

To fill out the 100% Community survey, visit the SCOPE office, 411 N. California St., Socorro, or the 100% Community website,

The survey will also be available at community events like the Community Arts Party on Feb. 4 and the Wellness Wednesday movies at the Loma Theater. Organizers hope to get at least 500 responses. Anyone who fills out the survey at a community event will receive a movie ticket to the Loma Theater.

What is new with SCOPE?

  • SCOPE is still implementing Botvin Life Skills curriculum in local middle schools. The curriculum is proven to reduce substance use and violence by focusing on self-esteem, decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking.

The students at Cottonwood have already received the curriculum. Seventh and eighth-graders at Sarracino Middle School are following it this semester.

  • SCOPE is looking for volunteers and sponsors for its upcoming Youth Summit.

The event is scheduled for April 27 and is meant to support and empower Socorro’s youth. The one-day event for seventh and eighth-grade students will be conducted at Macey Center and will feature speaker Fabian Ramirez. There will be several speakers, a resource table and a NARCAN training. NARCAN is used to reverse opioid overdoses.

SCOPE needs volunteers to help monitor students and pass out prizes, plus donations for prizes.