The Socorro Police Department are searching for two suspects related to a burglary that involved two Socorro residents who were reportedly zip tied, threatened, and robbed in their home on Church Street on February 27.

A search warrant for Manuel Arvizo, 46, and Zeke Paul Tafoya 43, both of Magdalena, was issued the next day in connection with the crime.

“We knew where they were, but when the news aired, we unable to locate the suspects,” Socorro Police Chief Angel Garcia said.

Garcia clarified that although the tv station news report said the suspects were impersonating police officers with badges, that was not the case.

The victims reported two tall skinny individuals, wearing dark colored jackets with Socorro Police Department patches on the arm sleeves, with black ski masks and red gloves.

According to police reports, Socorro Police officers contacted the victims at 5:35 a.m. on February 27 who stated that around 1 to 1:30 a.m. they heard knocking at their door and when they opened the door two men with handguns pushed themselves in. They noticed a tear drop tattoo on the corner of the eye of one of men. One man carried a grey handgun and the other a revolver.

The victims told the police that one of the suspects discharged his gun between the two of them hitting the wall behind them and they believed it sounded like a .22 caliber. One of the victims started wrestling one of the men and the other man hit him in the back of the head with the revolver.

The two men allegedly pointed their guns at the victims and had them open their safe and remove their jewelry. The victims said they were told to get down and the men proceeded to zip tie them. Items reported stolen included two iPhones, multiple items of valuable jewelry and $3,000 from their safe. The suspects reportedly warned the victims, before they left, that if they tried to go outside there would be someone waiting for them. The victims reported that they were afraid to look out the window but after awhile they freed themselves from the zip ties.

The police reported that the injuries photographed of the victims were consistent with their report along with evidence found at their residence including 19 zip ties and pills with marking consistent to fentanyl.

Officers were able to ping one of the cell phones stolen during the robbery and retrieved video footage of Manuel Arvizo and Zeke Tafoya at Circle K on California Street. The cell phone ping then led officers to a residence on Pena Street. A search warrant was requested for the residence, signed, and granted by Judge Mercedes C. Murphy.

Upon conducting the search warrant on February 27, the suspects were not located but officers were able to confirm they had been there and were reportedly talking about burglarizing and physically assaulting the victims.

The Socorro Police department requests that you contact them if you have any information about the suspects.