Both sides of a bad fence

When you live in a small village you can’t get away with anything. The last time I lived in Magdalena I had some very naughty milk goats who had the tendency to get over any barricade I made and roam the village. Most of the...

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Insert Thanksgiving emoji here

If you were born this week, you are a Sagittarius, and your horoscope says for your good fortune you must shop. A lot. How can you not? It’s in the stars. Curiously, according to my ephemeris, the same goes for all sun signs....

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Print and pillars

As I crumple up old El Defensor editions to start fires at night, out of respect I like to make sure it’s a paper I’ve read before I burn it. I know it’s silly and often inconvenient but that’s why my preference is to get...

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Make time for our veterans

I’m watching old movies again. With the approach of Veterans Day, I finally got around to streaming the World War I movie “1917,” which came out a few years ago. It was pretty good, and it got me in the mood to dig out some...

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November skies

Venus still dominates the early morning sky and reaches its greatest elongation, or distance from the Sun on the 23rd. We will get to enjoy Venus in the early morning hours until well into next year! The early evening and...

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