Newly appointed trustee Michael Thompson was sworn in for a two-year term at this week’s meeting in Magdalena.

During public comment, a concerned community member said the dorm project’s assessment said there are petroleum chemicals in the soil. She said there used to be kerosene tanks under the ground that were used for the heating system when she worked there. Mayor Richard Rumpf said he would look into the records and find out if they are still underground or not. He said there should be a record of their removal if it happened.

In other business, the decision regarding sponsorship for a transportation project fund application for the 10th street project was approved. The mayor said the application was submitted last year along with Kelly Road and that Kelly Road was approved last year.

This year the project would start with an engineering study including creating concrete culverts for the arroyo and other areas to help control the flow of water into the arroyos and off the roads. The first phase will cost $442,000 the mayor said.

The council also approved the quote for purchasing a new F-250 utility work truck. The mayor said the current vehicle cannot move the jetter, a sewer cleaning machine that carries hundreds of gallons of water. The new truck also has 4WD which will help during the winter he said. The council also approved the 2024 audit services from Beasley, Mitchell & Company.