Dogs running at large dominated Magdalena’s most recent Village Council meeting which also included hiring a security guard for the school and other future plans for the village.

The meeting kicked off with discussion and a possible decision regarding approval of a corrected memorandum agreement between Socorro County and the Village, in which the County will perform animal control services within the Village.

Mayor Richard Rumpf said the rate of $35 an hour for their services will stand; however, if animal control needs to come out and the time spent is less time than the full hour, the village will be charged accordingly, he said. The council voted yes unanimously.
During public comment, Jessica Carranza (editor of El Defensor Chieftain and a resident of Magdalena) brought up concerns about dogs running at large, and said after three months she has seen little action on the issue which has impacted her animals and the safety of her family.

Other community members then voiced similar concerns about safety in the Village. One asked if they are allowed to shoot the dogs, if being threatened. The mayor said according to the ordinance that they could shoot the dog if it were attacking a person or animal, and that Marshals are following protocol to try to get the issue handled.

Rumpf said that there is a warrant out for a community member who owns the dogs and that “as soon as they find they him, they will react.” He added, “Unfortunately, things don’t move as fast and there is only so much we can do.”

He said community members need to make sure their animals are secure in the meantime. “Animal control issues are a no-win situation across the country,” Rumpf said.

The second meeting in February was canceled due to lack of quorum. The meeting was rescheduled as an emergency meeting on March 1.

That meeting covered several topics including updates from Rumpf on the Magdalena Fire Station and the BIA dorms. Other news including discussion about a possible property subdivision approval, and the proposed loan agreement between the New Mexico Finance Authority and purchase of a police vehicle. All agenda items were approved including moving forward to the next steps on the subdivision.