An influx of female prisoners from Valencia County, netted Socorro County Detention Center (SCDC) an additional $25,000.
The women were transported to Socorro as Valencia’s facility was being used by Netflix to film a movie. The female prisoners stayed in Socorro County’s Detention Center for seven days.

Medication Cost Savings
In the Detention Center’s report to County Commissioners last week, it also noted prescription costs from January to February decreased by more than $600.

However, out-of-county prescription costs totaled $815. The amount is reimbursed takin the amount bill to SCDC $1,348.

According to the report, prescription costs fluctuate when monthly costs increase. Most of the time increase is due to detainees being incarcerated 30 plus day – Medicaid cannot be utilized for payment; also, when Detainees enter SCDC with no Medicaid or any type of insurance. Medicaid billing for detainees incarcerated for the first 30 days or less is being utilized. Medicaid covers costs for medical clearances, doctor appointments and prescriptions.

At the present time, 26 detainees are receiving over-the-counter medications. In addition, three detainees currently are inpatient rehabilitation.

Finally, the implementation of the New Mexico Just Health program is in full effect. SCDC is using the system to assist in enrolling those who enter the facility with Medicaid. Once enrolled, the detainee is able to utilize Medicaid to pay for any medical treatment including prescriptions during the first 30 days of incarceration. If detainee needs stay overnight, Medicaid also would cover costs after the first 30 days under STMI.

Other Business:

• Heard a report from Acting County Manager Sammie Vega-Finch highlighting various items she has been working on since the departure of Michael Hawks. Items include Advertising for the County Manager’ s position; With the aid of Dennis Engineering sending our utility clearance letters for the Calle de Lemitar TPF project; Closed out the first implemented phases of the San Antonio Drainage project and reported the final figures to Colonias for reimbursement; Issued the requested wage rates and issued a notice to proceed to Longhorn Construction for the Socorro County Courthouse window replacement project.
• Awarded Dennis Engineering Company the rebid for the San Antonio Drainage Detention Pond and infrastructure. The cost is, $1,781,103.87.
• Approved sending a copy of a resolution to New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham opposing the Public Education Department rule change from four-day to five-day schools’ week.
• Approved sending a Letter to New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for an urgent appeal for declaration for State of Emergency regarding Fentanyl Crisis, Human Smuggling and Crime Rates in New Mexico.