The MRGCD and the United States, through the Bureau of Reclamation, are pursuing a formal title transfer process to receive title of a portion of the District’s facility rights-of-ways (Phase 1), under the 2019 Title Transfer Legislation passed by the U.S. Congress.

The District is hosting two Public Meetings to present the proposed “Title Transfer”, satisfying requirements and eliciting public engagement and comment scheduled for Monday, March 1, 2021, at 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

For all our best interests under the current pandemic containment, the meeting will be held telephonically.

The Dial-In and Passcode for the 3:00 pm meeting is:
Dial-In Number:
(716) 273-1030
PIN: 472-160-872#

The Dial-In and Passcode for the 6:00 pm meeting is:
Dial-In Number:
(716) 273-1030
PIN: 599-187-534#

In 1951, the District entered into a rehabilitation and repayment contract with the United States. Repayment for all repair and rehabilitation of MRGCD’s infrastructure was one requirement under the contract, and this repayment was completed in full on December 13, 1999. The proposed “Title Transfer” with the United States includes all District facilities in Socorro County and Valencia County, New Mexico, and a small section in the Mountain View area of southern Bernalillo County for levee construction. The United States will retain all floodway features, one drain and one canal built in the 1980’s and still maintained by the Bureau of Reclamation, including access for operations and maintenance; the United States will release its interest in all other MRGCD facilities as identified in these three counties. If you wish to participate in one of these planned meetings and need further information, please call our office at (505) 247-0234.

Published in the El Defensor Chieftain on February 25, 2021