The third annual
Sammy Vivian Invitational
wrestling meet brought
25 teams to town as three
Socorro wrestlers struck
gold on Saturday.
Warriors Isiah Estrada
and David Gutierrez Jr.
and Lady Warrior Jayden
Kayser topped all comers in their weight classes.
Earning third places were
Chloe Etsitty and Kane
Johnson, while fourth places went to Kadeyn McNeil
and Marius Lucero
107 Champ. Round
1 – Marius Lucero
(Socorro) over Santiago
Medina (Highland) (Fall
1:38); Quarterfinals –
Marius Lucero (Socorro)
over Landen Deckert
(Centennial) (Fall 1:47);
Semifinals – Sasha Kliegl
(La Canada) over Marius
Lucero (Socorro) (Fall
2:20); Cons. Semis –
Marius Lucero (Socorro)
over Max Maes (Taos) (Fall
0:23); 3rd Place Match –
Yovan Suarez (Valencia)
over Marius Lucero
(Socorro) (Fall 1:36).
114 Champ. Round 1
– Isiah Estrada (Socorro)
over Alejandro Garcia
(Centennial) (Fall 0:53);
Quarterfinals – Isiah
Estrada (Socorro) over
Richard Madrid (Valencia)
(Fall 2:37); Semifinals –
Isiah Estrada (Socorro)
over Austin Lopez
(Miyamura) (Dec 3-0); 1st
Place Match – Isiah Estrada
(Socorro) over Elias
Martinez (Cleveland) (TF
19-2 5:34).
121 Champ. Round 1 –
Elijah Gonzales (Pojoaque
Valley) over Lucas Lopez
Saavedra (Socorro) (Dec
7-0); Cons. Round 1 –
Lucas Lopez Saavedra
(Socorro) over Jordan
Hunter (Belen) (MD 11-1);
Cons. Round 2 – Breslyn
Dodd (Cleveland) over
Lucas Lopez Saavedra
(Socorro) (Dec 12-7).

127 Champ. Round
1 – Kane Johnson
(Socorro) received a bye;
Quarterfinals – Kane
Johnson (Socorro) over
Hamilton Rosa (Capital)
(Fall 0:08); Semifinals –
James Romero-Montoya
(Robertson) over Kane
Johnson (Socorro) (Fall
3:08); Cons. Semis – Kane
Johnson (Socorro) over
Matthew Wehner (Los
Alamos) (Fall 1:34);
3rd Place Match – Kane
Johnson (Socorro) over
Mythias Layton (Belen)
(Fall 0:59).
139 Champ. Round 1 –
Kadeyn McNeil (Socorro)
over Aaron Romero (Taos)
(Fall 1:43); Quarterfinals –
Kadeyn McNeil (Socorro)
over Clemente Garcia
(Grants) (Fall 2:25);
Semifinals – James Luttrell
(Cleveland) over Kadeyn
McNeil (Socorro) (MD
16-5); Cons. Semis –
Kadeyn McNeil (Socorro)
over Aaron Romero (Taos)
(Fall 4:30); 3rd Place
Match – Kolby Gonzales
(Las Cruces) over Kadeyn
McNeil (Socorro) (Dec
145 Champ. Round
1 – Patrick Ware Moya
(Socorro) over Daniel
Rodriguez (Capital) (Fall
2:25); Quarterfinals –
Larry Meador (Grants)
over Patrick Ware Moya
(Socorro) (Fall 1:43);
Cons. Round 2 – Patrick
Ware Moya (Socorro) over
Tyler Fisher (Valencia)
(Fall 2:51); Cons. Round
3 – Marcos Chavarria
(Miyamura) over Patrick
Ware Moya (Socorro) (Fall
152 Champ. Round 1 –
Nikoli Ashley (Miyamura)
over Patrick McBride
(Socorro) (Fall 0:20);
Cons. Round 1 – Patrick
McBride (Socorro)
over Maliki Alderete
(Tucumcari) (Fall 0:48);
Cons. Round 2 – Benjamin
Riesberg (La Canada) over
Patrick McBride (Socorro)
(Fall 2:56).
215 Champ. Round 1 –
Yahir Chacon (Centennial)
over Dominic Anaya
(Socorro) (Fall 3:15);
Cons. Round 1 – Elijah
Alvarez (Los Alamos) over
Dominic Anaya (Socorro)
(Fall 2:41).
285 Champ. Round
1 – David Gutierrez
(Socorro) received a bye;
Quarterfinals – David
Gutierrez (Socorro) over
Hernan Salas (Capital)
(Fall 1:39); Semifinals –
David Gutierrez (Socorro)
over Omar Estrada
(Valencia) (Fall 0:02);
1st Place Match – David
Gutierrez (Socorro)
over Taye Silversmith
(Miyamura) (Fall 1:58).
Lady Warrior top finishes
114 Champ. Round
1 – Emely Gilcrease
(Centennial) over Iliana
Perez (Socorro) (Fall 0:57).
126 1st Place Match –
Jayden Kayser (Socorro)
over Zaira Montoya
(Centennial) (Fall 1:13).
132 Champ. Round

1 – Alina Matkin
(Centennial) over Kalena
Vanlandingham (Socorro)
(Fall 2:32).
138 3rd Place Match
– Chloe Etsitty (Socorro)
over Moana Loewe
(Centennial) (Fall 2:50).
Socorro’s wrestlers are
honing their skills in antcipation of qualifying for the
regional and state meets.
The Warriors took on
Ruidoso on Wednseday
and are headed to the Tiger
Duals on Jan. 20 and then
travel to Roswell on Jan.