For past 33 years, Socorro residents have known no other Mayor than Ravi Bhasker.
On Tuesday, Socorroans once again elected the town’s doctor to the helm at city hall. Thirty-four percent of the county’s registered voters turned out for the municipal election. Bhasker garnered 748 votes to be declared the winner. Prior to Bhasker’s election as Mayor in 1990, he served six years on the city council.
Bhasker tallied 208 votes more than second place finisher Juan J.C. Trujillo. Third-place finisher was James Burleson, with 422 votes; followed by Mary Ann Chavez-Lopez with 417 and Ignacio Chavez with 33.

Wednesday morning Bhasker told the newspaper he was grateful that he continues to be healthy and able to work. “I’ve gone to city hall every day for the past 33 years and I still have the fight in me to keep getting things done.”

One of the biggest challenges, he noted, will be getting the municipality in charge of the electric grid and as well as upgrading the electrical grid.

“We need our rates to go down,” he noted.

Other little challenges wanted by residents including more speed bumps as well as safer streets and bicycle paths.

Coming soon will be the Highway 60 project, which will change the traffic patterns to the high school and junior high as well as the convention center, rodeo grounds and soccer fields. Bhasker also noted there will be more public hearings forthcoming on the project to keep residents informed.
Bhasker said he was thankful he’s able to continue to work for the betterment of the community and its citizens.
Unofficial election results from Tuesday are as follows:

Socorro Mayor:
James W Burleson 20% (422)
*Ravi Bhasker MD 35% (748)
Ignacio P Chavez 2% (33)
Mary Ann Chavez-Lopez 19% (417)
Juan JC Trujillo 25% (540)

Socorro Councilor at Large (Three positions)
Gordon E Gordy Hicks 14% (795)
*Joel Dee Partridge Jr. 16% (891)
James N Chavez 10% (558)
Stephanie L Saavedra 12% (689)
*Anton Salome 15% (846)
*W Nicholas Flemming 15% (820)
*Deborah Jojola Dean 18% (1,018)

Magdalena Trustee at large
(Two Positions)
* Harvan Karen Conrad 28% (88)
Michael Craig Thompson 28% (87)
* Donna B Dawson 44% (137)
Magdalena Municipal Judge
* Simon J Armijo 63% (132)
Aimee Sue Thompson 37% (79)

Socorro school board member at-large
(Three positions)
Stephen Edward Rosas 18% (935)
* David Roy Hicks 22% (1,137)
* Michael J Hargather 20% (1,040)
Carmen D Marquez 17% (879)
* Sharon L Sessions 23% (1,209)
Magdalena school board member at large (three positions)
* Sharon L Harris 25% (235)
Kelly L Kern 24% (228)
* Rachel Eileen Montoya 25% (237)
* Brett Davis Bruton 27% (254)

Socorro Soil and Water conservation board supervisor
* Sefie Michael Anaya 100% (2,075)

Socorro Soil and Water conservation board supervisor (Landowner)
* Vernon G Leseberg Sr 50% (1,577)
Edward L Harris 28% (882)
James L Sanchez 22% (696)

Magdalena School general obligation bond
* Yes 84% (333)
No 16% (65)

Socorro Consolidated Schools Public Schools public school capital
* Yes 67% (1,372)
No 33% (664)
* Designates winner