Socorro Fire Department attended two unrelated structure fires last week.

On Thursday, the department was dispatched to a shed in flames behind the Puerto Seguro Safe Harbor on California Street.

“The shed caught fire due to possible homeless individuals who were trying to keep warm and started a fire in a vacant shed. Witnesses saw someone running away from the out-of-control fire. SFD members were quick to respond and extinguish the fire before it could further spread to nearby neighbors,” Daniel Pacheco, shift captain of the Socorro Fire Department, said.

On Saturday, a couple blocks over, an electrical fire on Bagley Street was attended to by SFD. Pacheco said the two fires are not related and neither are currently under investigation.

Pacheco recommends landowners take precautions by securing their buildings.
“If you have any property that is not being occupied or a vacant shed, please try to lock them up so that senseless fires don’t happen,” he said.