The Village of Magdalena reported an “unmodified opinion” on its yearly audit at its Monday meeting, and discussed moving into the Hop Canyon Fire Station, which it is taking over from the county.

A representative of Beasly, Mitchell & Company LLC, gave an audit report. She said the scope of the audit was from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023, and the village received an “unmodified opinion” which is “the best you can get for the year ending.”

After discussion, the village council voted unanimously to accept the audit report.

Mayor Richard Rumpf said the Village officially took over the Hop Canyon Fire Station as of April 22. He said in coming weeks there will be people up there going through stuff and cleaning up lots of equipment.

Rumpf said lots of the equipment up there “is not anchored properly” due to lack of manpower. He also said there is a new brush truck up there that will be moving down to the Magdalena station.

In other business, Rumpf reported that on May 7, 1992, eight diesel tanks were removed from the former BIA dormitory property, all of them above ground. He also said that there were two propane tanks that were removed according to Rebecca Cook from the state Environmental Department.

Trustee Donna Dawson said she was told there are still two underground tanks. It has not been confirmed by the reports. Rumpf also said that there are now crews working to remove the asbestos from the buildings.

The Village held a public hearing on the Magdalena Senior Center 2026-2030 Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP), in which they rearranged the schedule for upgrades at the senior center.

The ICIP is commonly referred to as a “wish list,” and is a list of things, in order of priority, that the Village will send to Legislature for capital outlay funding.
Rumpf said a carport was installed, and that gravel would be coming soon.