The Black Fire, southeast of Magdalena in the Black Range of Gila National Forest has grown to 311,692 acres with a contain­ment of 47 percent as of Monday.

An increasing number of firefighters are battling the blaze, with 1,019 on the scene.

Five structures in the forest have burned. The Black Fire is believed to be human-caused and is under investigation.

Gila National Forest said on Monday that “firefighters are using direct and indi­rect tactics to fully suppress the fire.”

Direct tactics involve creating hand lines against the fire’s edge, whereas the indirect tactic builds a fire line using bulldozers and existing roads out ahead of the fire.

A transfer of command occurred on Tuesday, transferring command from Southwest Area Incident Management Team 3, Incident Commander Lance Elmore to Southwest Area Incident Management Team 4, Incident Commander Aaron Hulburd.

No fire growth has been reported in the Hermosa, Seco Creek and Round Mountain areas for the past few days.

These areas will be monitored and patrolled.

Firefighters are working along the edge of the fire to create a containment line within Mineral Creek to Frank’s Mountain and Apache Creek.

Firefighters are also creating hand and dozer lines near Iron Road. Steady growth is expected on the south side of the fire in East Canyon, the crest of the Black Range northwest of Hillsboro Mountain and Granite Mountain.

The majority of any visible smoke is from fuels burning in the interior parts of the fire.

Aerial resources will be used to assist firefighters on the ground as weather con­ditions allow. Unmanned aerial systems are being used at night to patrol the fire to locate hot spots.

A temporary flight restriction over the Black Fire restricts non-fire aircraft. This includes civilian drones.

Unauthorized aircraft in the area can ground firefighting aircraft, hinder fire­fighting efforts, and can also result in criminal charges for the offender.

The Gila National Forest is under Stage 1 fire restrictions.

Officials say the southwest’s typical fire season conditions of hot temperatures, high winds, low humidity levels and rugged ter­rain are barriers to fighting this fire.

Evacuations for limited areas in the neighborhood of the Black Fire are issued by the sheriffs of Grant, Catron and Sierra counties.