Alana Romero scored the Lady Warriors’ final goal of the year. Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain

Alana Romero enjoyed a magical time last week as she was elected homecoming queen and scored the game-sealing goal in soccer. The Socorro High School senior has her eyes focused on becoming a traveling registered nurse.

“This past week has been crazy, but I love doing it. I love planning homecoming. I loved being a part of homecoming and being able to score what was probably my last goal. And the last goal of the season was exciting.”

Unless maybe you count field goals in basketball because she’s kicking around the idea of returning to the hardwood, but she hasn’t committed yet.

Ever the planner, Romero serves as the student body president and feels like she can help make this a special year for her classmates by being involved.

Being robbed of many normal school activities her sophomore year because of COVID has also been a spark to Romero’s flame this year.

“It made me want to make sure that last year and this year were fun for everybody,” Romero said. “I wanted to get things back to normal and get people excited over school functions.”

There was also a wise recognition of how time passes so quickly.

“It made me realize we need to make the most of it and make up for some lost time because it seems just like yesterday when I was in eighth grade, and now, I am a senior,” Romero said.

Romero has served as a student officer since the eighth grade, and she likes being involved in planning activities and enjoys doing things for her classmates.

It seems only natural that someone who enjoys doing things for others would get into nursing.

As with any good plan, there’s also a nice benefit that Romero hopes to enjoy as a travel nurse.

“I want to become a travel nurse to be able to go to different states and out of the country,” Romero said. “I will be able to help people and know I’m doing a good thing, too.”

Being a senior and a soccer team member helped Romero realize she has become a role model for younger students.

“I think it’s a bit of a big deal, and there is a lot of pressure to ensure that you’re setting a good example for these young kids. I think it’s important that we high school students get out and set good examples for our youth. So they can grow up and succeed.

“We want to create a good environment and name for our town.”

Romero’s many accomplishments were listed during Friday’s halftime activities, where she was introduced as the 2022 Socorro High School homecoming queen. She cited her mother, Katheryne Ross, as the role model that has led to her success.

“My mom has been a single parent to me and my brother (Jason) and has raised us working two jobs, making sure we have everything we need in our lives, and she’s done really well for herself and has always been able to take care of us and give us everything we want. And I hope to be like that one day and be able to give my future family everything they want and need,” Romero said.

With her final high school year flying by, Romero has some advice for this year’s eighth graders.

“Be very active in school but also make sure to finish what (class and homework) needs to be done,” Romero said. “Enjoy it because it goes by quickly.”