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Socorro Police Department, 407 Center Street

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Jan. 11

An officer was dispatched to the 900 block of Annette in reference to a male threatening a female and refusing to give her keys to her. On arrival, the officer noticed the suspect sitting in a white vehicle, and asked him if he had her keys. As he reached over as if to get the keys the officer saw him trying to conceal a needle in his right hand. He was detained. The victim then stepped out, saying that he had been fighting with her for the last couple of days. She said he had her drive him to Los Lunas and only take the back roads because he was paranoid and on meth. She said he took both her keys and her phone. The suspect admitted he did have her phone and returned the keys and phone to her. After being advised of his Miranda warnings, the suspect stated he had been fighting with her but then denied taking her keys. He was placed under arrest and a search of his person turned up needles and a smoking device made out of a pen. He was transported to the Socorro County Detention Center where a piece of paper that contained a white crystalline substance was found inside his sock. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine and was logged into evidence.

Jan. 12

A caller from the Socorro County Senior Center reported that someone took screws off a hinge to a shed door. The caller said no entry was made into the shed at this time and asked that the incident be documented.

Jan. 13

Officers were called to the 800 block of Chaparral for shots fired at the residence. The officer met with adult Victim 1, who stated he was in his home with his family watching TV when they heard several gunshots outside the home. He fell to the floor to take cover with his family. After the shooting, a vehicle was heard speeding off. The adult Victim 1 said his son, Victim 2, was having problems with another male over a girl and believed the male could be responsible. The officer met with the son, who said he was having problems with another male after the male’s girlfriend was now with him. He said he received a message that the male was upset with him and warned him to watch out. Victim 2 stated he was at the gym and saw a silver car passing, and believed the other male was in the car. Victim 2 called Victim 1 to pick him up at the gym, and shortly after arriving home was when the gunshots were heard. The officers and Victim 1 checked the ditch across from the home and found several 9mm shell casings on the ditch. The shell casings were recovered and will be sent to the lab for examination.

A male in the 1200 block of Calixtro reported that the female suspect was harassing him and was asking for money for medical bills. He said he and the suspect argued and the suspect scratched his face. The victim did have a scratch on his face. The victim said after the argument he drove her to an address on Sixth Street and dropped her off. The victim advised he was in a sexual relationship with the suspect but now wants a protection order against her. The officer was able to locate the suspect where the victim dropped her off. No charges were filed at this time.

Officers were called to the scene of a fight on Mt. Carmel and picked up a suspect running from the scene. The suspect admitted to being in the argument. The officer gained consent to check the suspect’s person and located a metal tin with heroin residue. The suspect was arrested and booked into SCDC. The substance in the tin was tested and showed a positive for heroin.

Jan. 14

Officer called to the 300 block of Mt. Carmel for people dumping trash in the caller’s trash can. The officer contacted suspects at a home nearby and a female admitted to throwing the trash. The trash was removed from the caller’s trash can. The officer completed an NCIC check on the female and a male at the scene and the two had active arrest warrants. The suspects were arrested. At the police department, the male suspect refused to exit the holding cell and grabbed onto the cage to prevent himself from being taken to the detention center. He was removed and later booked into the Socorro County Detention Center along with the female suspect.

Officers were called to NW Frontage Road scene for a trespassing complaint. The complainant said a sign crew from Lamar Advertising had come onto the property to remove a sign frame without permission. The caller said the crew left after being confronted. The officer was able to speak with the office manager for the property owner, who confirmed the sign company did not have permission to be on the property. The officer spoke with a Lamar Advertising supervisor who said he was given notice to have the sign removed within 30 days and was trying to remove the sign but was told his company could not be on the property so he could not remove the sign. The officer spoke with a member of the NM DOT outdoor advertising department staff who said a violation was issued to the Lamar Advertising company for having a sign up without a contract. The staff member it was the company’s responsibility to get permission from the property owner before going on the property. The officer met with a Lamar Advertising representative and was provided with documents on the original contact, which allowed the company access to do repairs on the sign. The officer staffed the case with the DA’s office and was advised no charges should be filed.

An officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at mile marker 147 on Interstate 25 and found the driver had a suspended/revoked driver’s license as well as two warrants for his arrest. The two male passengers were also checked through NCIC and found to have arrest warrants as well. All suspects were medically cleared and incarcerated at the SCDC.

Jan. 15

An officer was called to the Circle K/Shell store for a male subject causing a disturbance and throwing merchandise at the clerk. The suspect left in a black passenger car but was located by the officer. The suspect said he was in the store and did throw items at the victim, but that the victim threw items at him first. The officer met with the victim, who said the suspect was in

the store and became upset because the clerks were mopping and waiting for the suspect to finish shopping. The suspect began throwing merchandise, which was striking the victim. The victim requested that charges be filed.

An officer was dispatched to the Socorro County Senior Center on a trespassing complaint. The complainant told the officer someone attempted to break into the Senior Center through two windows, and opened one of the transport vans, and went through it. They also broke a lock on a shed located on the north side of the property and went through several work vehicles where food is stored for food deliveries to houses. The officer saw where the screens were taken off the windows, the broken lock on the shed, and the transport van which was opened and compartments to be gone through. The complainant stated nothing was missing from the vehicle. No suspects at this time

Officers were called to the 200 block of Mesquite where trespassers were reported. The victim directed the officers to an RV on the property. The officers contacted the occupants of the RV who were known to the officer to be trespassed on previous charges. The male suspect was found hiding in the RV and was known to have a valid arrest warrant. A female suspect was cited into court and released. The male suspect was cited for trespassing and booked into SCDC on his warrants.

Officers were requested to the 500 block of Park Street for a theft where a male suspect took a dog kennel and fence panels. The victim said she saw him leaving in a white Ford truck and believes her landlord was involved. The officer drove to the suspect’s home on Bagley and located the truck with the panels. The suspect told the officer he was just doing what his boss told him to and took the panels. The suspect was escorted back to the victim’s home where the panels were returned. The owner of the property stated she had asked for the panels to be taken and would return the panel after the new fence was up.

The sheriff’s office is accessed inside the Socorro County Court House

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Dec. 4

A deputy was on patrol when he received at 4:56 p.m. a BOLO for a Red 2019 GMC Sierra that was stolen from a dealership in Texas. Dispatch said the GPS on the vehicle was being tracked and its location was on Highway 380 traveling towards Socorro. Another officer spotted the vehicle at mile marker 6 towing a passenger car. It was pulled over and the two officers made contact with the driver. He was told to exit the vehicle which he complied and read his Miranda warning. A check on the VIN confirmed it was the stolen Sierra. The suspect stated he lives in Arizona and said he saw the vehicle for sale on Craigslist. He and his girlfriend traveled to Texas and made the purchase of $27,000 on this date, from a man in the parking lot of some apartments. He stated the man told him the vehicle had a salvage title. After acquiring the vehicle he was heading home to Arizona when he noticed a wire was unplugged in the rear window. He plugged the wire back in not knowing it was a GPS tracker. The Alvin (Texas) Police Department was tracking the vehicle which was how they knew it was on Highway 380. It was confirmed that the vehicle was stolen earlier that day. The suspect was arrested and transported to the detention center where he was booked and incarcerated without incident.

Dec. 27

An officer was dispatched at approximately 4:30 p.m. to Bosquecito Road in reference to an overdose. Upon arrival, the officer I entered the home and saw there was a female laying on her side in front of the toilet. EMT’s arrived and the officer assisted with loading the female into the ambulance so she could be taken to the hospital. The husband said that his wife had been struggling with severe depression and was suffering from multiple sclerosis. The officer did not observe anything that suggested foul-play, or any signs of violence on the female subject or her husband.

Dec. 30

A deputy was dispatched at noon to a residence on State Rte. 1 north of San Antonio in reference to a Breaking and Entering. The victim said that he and his wife arrived home today after having been gone for 10 days and saw that his house had been broken into. The front living room window was open, the kitchen window was open, and all the screens were removed from the back yard windows. Approximately $1,200 was taken, and approximately $300 in damages. No suspects at this time.

An officer was dispatched to Bosquecito Road in reference to a Burglary. The victim stated he went to work on this day and left the front door unlocked thinking nothing will happen. At 10 p.m. when he returned he went into the bedroom and noticed one of his drawers was open. He found it odd because he knew the drawer shouldn’t be opened. He then realized things were rummaged through and his .30-06 rifle was stolen. Also stolen was a lockbox containing titles to all his vehicles and four-wheelers. A .44 Magnum was also stolen, as well as a .22 rifle that had been in the living room, and a small air compressor that had been on the couch. Outside of the residence were a set of fresh tire tracks that led to his mother’s house on the property. The mother stated a silver passenger vehicle that looked like a SUV had come around 4 p.m. the same day, but just turned around and left. The suspect believed his son would be the subject that stole his property because he had stolen weapons from him in the past.

Dec. 31

An officer was attempting to locate a suspect in reference to a burglary that had occurred on the day before, and at 12:10 p.m. spotted his gray Buick on the east bank of the flood control on Otero Avenue. As the officer drove closer, the Buick, driven by the suspect began to depart the area traveling south at a high rate of speed. The Buick turned south on Hope Farms Road and began to pull away so the officer notified New Mexico State Police dispatch. The Buick continued west on Hope Farms Road over the railroad tracks, and on approaching the Frontage Road the vehicle came to a stop as if the driver could not get it into gear. When the officer started to exit the unit the vehicle began to move again and proceeded north and then turning right on Cuba Road, proceeded south at a high rate of speed endangering residents in the area. The suspect lost control on Gallegos Road and slid into a hillside coming to a stop. The suspect exited the vehicle and began to run southwest on foot up a steep hill. Officers pursued on foot and located him running across the desert. He was ordered to get on the ground and was handcuffed. The gray Buick was sealed in order to obtain a search warrant for stolen property. It was transported to a Socorro County facility and secured until a search warrant could be completed. The suspect was transported to Socorro General Hospital for a medical clearance and was booked into Socorro County Detention Center.

Jan. 1

A deputy was dispatched at 1:48 a.m. to Polvadera Road in reference to a domestic in progress. According to dispatch, a male had made way into his sisters house and was destroying property and was screaming and yelling. The male’s girlfriend was there with him and her hand was bleeding. Upon arrival, the deputy made contact with the reporting party who was waiting on Polvadera Road.  The deputy knocked on the door and it was answered by the suspect and his girlfriend. The suspect exited and was handcuffed and put in the patrol unit for investigative detention. The deputy learned that the suspect had been living in a camper near the victim’s home. An argument started between the suspect and his girlfriend over his phone going missing. At one point the suspect ran over to the victim’s home. The victim told the officer that she was inside her home and suddenly the suspect barged in. When she objected to what he was doing, the suspect began calling her foul names he punched her in the face with a closed fist. She stated he was out of control and began knocking things over inside the home. She called 911 and went into a bedroom and the suspect made his way into the room. The victim became scared and went out to the road to flag down the officers. A male witness in the home stated that the suspect barged into the home and started destroying things. The suspect was wearing an ankle bracelet and was on active probation and parole. In violation of his parole, he was booked and incarcerated on charges.