I wanted to tell you how much I love your sports writing, and especially the great photos. The paper is mailed to me, so sometimes I miss out on events as I often receive it after the fact. I run a small farm in Sabinal, and I teach part-time (music) at Cottonwood, so lots of my students are also your sports kids.

My own kids when they were young were in karate and soccer, and other events in Belen.  One of my favorite things to do when I can sneak off farm work is to grab some snacks and take in a game of baseball, whether high school in Belen or the Little League.

Sometimes I can go to track and field after school in Socorro.  Many folks ask, “which is your grandchild?” and are always surprised when I tell them I don’t know anyone there, I just love to watch kids play!

You have really breathed new life into the paper.  Thanks much!

Beth Crowder


Beth Crowder, Sabinal