I have heard about the tower and, like a lot of people, I was immediately concerned about it. I was pleased that the trustees were similarly concerned, and I thank them for the letter of protest sent as they agreed at the Village meeting. With the press of things and personal duties, I have not spoken to anyone beyond a few friends about it. I did do some basic research regarding the company planning to install it.

A concern is that Magdalena’s relatively uncluttered vista of the Magdalena Mountains contributes to everyone’s property value in the Village. This additional new tower — which may not really be necessary beyond being a business opportunity for its builders and for a small number of other people — will compromise the view of the mountains. In doing so, it reduces the charm of our town and reduces everyone’s associated property value.

We should protect the natural beauty that we enjoy here.

We may currently be powerless to stop the tower — I do not know. But it’s in our own good interest to remain vigilant and protective as projects like this bulldoze over what should be a public concern. The company proposing to build the tower surely gives little or no consideration to the aesthetic issues involved, and I’m sure they are very experienced in dismissing such concerns.

Thus, to me, the situation is an opportunity for Village leadership to rise to the occasion, and again, I’m glad that the trustees agreed to sign a letter. Much more, however, will likely be required to change the course of this.

A question is how other locations might be much better aesthetically but still serve satisfactorily for the technical function of the tower. It’s unlikely the company proposing to build the tower has put time into such considerations. It’s something that we, as a community, would need to address.

John W. Briggs


John Briggs