The Referendum Project seeks to reverse six damaging bills passed by the New Mexico legislature and signed as Acts by the governor. Tomorrow (June 16) is the deadline; so if you haven’t already, I encourage you to read the final version of each Bill/Act, contemplate the intent and repercussions, and consider signing petitions for those you disagree with. Citizens should pay attention when the sponsors of a bill or cadre of bills are 100% single party. I shall focus on two, HB 7 “Reproductive and Gender Affirming Healthcare Freedom Act”, and SB 13 “Reproductive Health Provider Protections”.

On their face, titles of bills, bonds, etc. often are word-designed for marketing purposes to couch the primary intent with positive words (eg. affirming, freedom, protections). After all, few would argue with “Prohibiting a public body from discriminating against a person’s right to seek help or care in (1) preventing a pregnancy, (3) managing a pregnancy loss, (4) prenatal, birth, perinatal and postpartum health, (5) managing menopause, (6) managing fertility, (7) treating cancers, (8) preventing STDs (paraphrasing HB 7, pp. 1-2). Does anybody, or any entity currently do that? Of course not. But what is number (2)? Of course, it is abortion.

And few would argue with “Prohibiting a public body from interfering with “gender-care” if it meant psychological and behavioral care. But surgical, pharmaceutical and medical care to support a person’s “gender identity?” (HB, pp. 1-2) I think most New Mexicans would take issue, especially when the “health care” in these bills is coupled with schools (via SB 397, School-Based Health Centers), which means children.

The clear intent of SB 13, sections 3 and 4, is to prohibit cooperation with out-of-state and foreign entities (perhaps even parents) in their request for information regarding one of its citizens seeking abortion or sex-change operation in the state of New Mexico. What this does is reinforce and perpetuate New Mexico’s role as a regional, national and indeed, international provider of such services. Please consider whether or not you want your New Mexico tax and fee dollars supporting such activity, if not by tomorrow, then by June of next year. As New Mexico citizens, you should and can have the right to vote on these bills/acts in the coming 2024 election.

Paul Fuierer


Paul Fuirer, Socorro