On June 3, my wife, Jennie, and I attended a benefit rodeo at the Socorro Rodeo Complex. We were seated near the center of the arena in the box seats. They started with the presentation of the flag and the national anthem. At this time, I mentioned to my wife that I could see no police, EMTs, ambulance or other rescue workers. I told her that was unusual, especially for amateur rodeo to not have them available.

After the grand entry, they did mutton busting and breakaway roping. The next event was where they lead a horse down the arena to a flag in a coffee can on a table. A woman was leading a horse and another woman was walking next to the child in the saddle.

The wind was blowing the flag and it spooked the horse. The child fell under the horse and was stepped on. This child was no more than 1-2 years old. The child screamed and the adults picked up the baby and yelled, “Call an ambulance.” No medical or police/security assistance was in sight. After that, my wife and I just left.

In my opinion, a child that age has no business on a horse in the saddle by themselves. And there should have been medical or police present.

Gary Coppler

San Antonio

Gary Coppler