La Posada Art Gallery’s exhibit “Portraits of Magdalena’s Art Tradition: Native Daughters and Sons” is a glimpse of Magdalena’s local art tradition.

This show features the Alamo Navajo weaving community, including works by Violet Lucero, Shirley Baca, Isabella Pino-Thomas, Sarah Secatero and Annie A. Vicente.

In addition to weavers, santera and retablo painters Maryrose Pino and Grace M. G. Dobson are represented. Other artists whose work is shown include Eddie Tsosie, nephew of the late R. C. Gorman and David H. Moneypenny who lived in Magdalena 1945 – 1965.
“We wanted to honor and showcase people with an exhibit of their work and to give the younger generation some idea of what their elders have accomplished,” Fritz Kapraun of the La Posada Gallery said “Hopefully this show will give the community pride in its artistic heritage and encourage the next generation to carry on the tradition.”

The exhibit is open to the public free of charge on weekends Friday, Saturday and Sunday,1p.m. to 4 p.m. through January 2024 at the CWB Gallery, 104 Main Street, Magdalena.

The show is sponsored in part by a grant from Creative Industries Funds, Economic Development Department to the Village of Magdalena.
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