Socorro School board held a special meeting on January 29 to discuss the findings of the third-party investigation of board member Tara Jaramillo regarding the complaint brought by Superintendent Ron Hendrix, in an executive session.

“There was an investigation with no findings, that is our statement,” school board President David Hicks, said at the meeting.

Jaramillo said that she was very pleased with the ‘no findings’ to the complaint brought against her.

“I was confident this would be the outcome. I remain disappointed that this was a distraction from the good work that needs to be done to support education and our community,” Jaramillo said “I look forward to working for the children and families of Socorro schools as well as advocating for all children and families of New Mexico.”

Hendrix said that he was told there were no findings of a hostile work environment but that he has been unable to see the report.

EDC’s attempts to access the findings of the investigation have also been denied.
The board, with all members in attendance, also voted unanimously to approve a one-year contract for Hendrix.

As far as the contract is concerned Hendrix said “I’m pleased with the contract extension and they are working on a new evaluation system that seems a lot more objective which will be good.”

Jessica Carranza Pino, Editor