Bureau of Land Management in Socorro. John Larson | El Defensor Chieftain

The public can now purchase a fuelwood permit from the Bureau of Land Management. Permits are $10 to $12 per cord and are available to purchase at select BLM locations or online.

The Bureau of Land Management reports that in almost all field offices, BLM fuelwood permits are valid for cutting only dead piñon and juniper. It is strictly prohibited to cut greet trees or other trees that are not allowed by permit.

The minimum and maximum cords for purchase vary by field office and rules, regulations, and timing vary slightly between field offices. Those who purchase permits are urged to read all materials that come with your permit.

“At the discretion of a BLM Law Enforcement Officer, illegally cut fuelwood and any equipment used, such as chainsaws, trailers, and even vehicles, can be confiscated from illegal woodcutters,” a BLM news release read.

The BLM’s Socorro Field Office is located at 901 S. Old US Highway 85. Phone 575-835-0223 for more details.