The quick response of the Midway and Socorro fire departments extinguished a camper fire that endangered a nearby home on Mel Road just off County Road 91 on Friday afternoon.

Midway fire captain Colton Wheeler

Midway fire captain Colton Wheeler said the blaze wasn’t far from possibly catching the occupied house on fire.
“It was about 15-20 feet from the camper. If it had been going for at least five more minutes before I got there, it probably would have extended into the house. I’m glad I got there when I did,” Wheeler said.

The firefighter arrived on the scene to find some people on the home using garden hoses to wet the roof and spray the blaze.

“I’ve rolled up on a couple of times with people spraying water from across the yard. I appreciate them for trying to help but the little water hoses aren’t able to do much analysis when something is fully involved,” Wheeler said.
The camper, which appeared to be fixed with underpinning, was unoccupied when the fire started. Wheeler declined to comment on the possible cause of the blaze.