March 5, 1974
A CROP PRODUCTION MEETING was sponsored by the Extension service Monday afternoon at Zimmerman Hall.The meeting was set up for area farmers to hear a panel discussion on shortages, high cost of fuel and fertilizer and soaring interest rates on borrowed money. The cost of production will go up 20-40 percent, the audience was told.
Farmers were urged to try to make every dollar go to the cost of production so that their operation will pay for itself. In order to survive, farmers will have to be more frugal. Three NMSU specialists met with the group. Panelists were Holm Bursum Jr., speaking on farm and ranch financial status; Bennie Romero on Agriculture Stabilization Conservation Service Programs; Frank McWhorter on fuels; Frank Bacon on seeds; Neil Brawley on fertilizers; and Zeke Armijo, local extension Agent sponsoring this meeting.


Ground Beef $.89 a pound
Chuck Roast $.89 a pound
Boneless Hams $1.98 a pound
Tom Turkeys $.69 a pound
Rib Steak $1.69 a pound

March 3, 1999
HER HOURS SPENT studying, testing, and analyzing paid off. Fatima Gutierrez was the overall winner with her project, “Do Male or Female Beagles Perform better in Cognitive Tasks” in the Socorro High School science fair. In her study she tested eight beagles, all 10 years old, on special abilities. She discovered there was no significant difference between the sets through the landmark test. Gutierrez plans to continue her project by studying the differences in performance between older and younger dogs. The senior hasn’t decided which institution she plans to attend upon graduation. Needless to say, due to her excellence in academics she has many options. She advances on to the regional science fair March 20 in Las Cruces.


March 6, 1999
STUDENTS AT SOCORRO HIGH SCHOOL fly high when it comes to science and math. That’s why five were chosen to go on a trip to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration facilities at Cape Canaveral, Fla. this Spring. The Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement students are Jesse Curry, Rober Griego, Robert Mata, Angela Chavez and Aimee Jaramillo are among the 75 New Mexico High School students. In order to be selected each student submitted an application and were judged on grade performance, amount of class and club participation, entering competitions, working with the MESA Give Back program and by providing community service. The students are also required to take advanced classes and had to have a few years’ worth of participation in the MESA program.



March 6, 2014
BIBLES WITH RIPPED OUT PAGES and tattoo making machines were only some of the contrabands uncovered during the surprise shakedown of cells at the Socorro County Detention Center. Jail administrator Evangel Maldonado said shakedowns are performed to keep contraband issues under control. Items confiscated included a DVD player disassembled for parts for a tattoo making device, disassembled pens for tattoo ink, soap fragments used to mask tobacco orders, suspicious notes, disassembled toothbrushes, a cigarette lighter, a brown substance to be tested for heroin and an orange jail uniform adapted to use with water-filled plastic bags for weightlifting. And three ripped up Bibles. The torn pages were being used for smoking papers. Maldonado is looking forward to the construction of a new detention center. The way the pods are laid out will help with security. In the meantime, regular shakedowns will continue.