Felicity Otero makes an amazing slide underneath an attempted tag at second base.
Russell Huffman | El Defensor Chieftain

Softball coach Tracy Romero is looking for progress. The Lady Warriors are starting to produce as Socorro picked up its first win of the season in a 16-7 tournament victory against McCurdy.

Romero had been looking for the kind of game all season as the Lady Warriors feasted on McCurdy’s pitching and produced 18 hits in 28 at-bats.

Abrianna Romero, Felicity Otero and Jisela Estrada led the way with three hits each for Socorro, while Liza Fernandez, Tatjana Castillo, Tristan Garcia and Shiloh Rosas had two hits apiece, and Jazmine Alvarado collected one.

Romero, Otero and Estrada posted a .800 on-base percentage by drawing walks.

The game was a remarkable turnaround from a March 21 game against St. Michael’s and, more than anything, is a step in the right direction for Socorro.

“This game (against St. Michael’s) was a lot better. It was probably one of the best days they have had so far this season,” Romero said. “Winning all comes with experience, so the girls are getting better, and they are progressing.”

Still, there are some concerns and mental miscues costing the Lady Warriors lost runs.

“We need to be smarter on the bases, and we need to listen to the coaches when we are on the bases,” Romero said. “Other than that, we are getting better. Tons better than before.”

Mental mistakes caused some pickoffs, and missing or ignoring signals led to unnecessary run-down outs in their game against St. Michael’s.

“They don’t listen to the coaches. And they get too excited on the bases, and they want to be aggressive, but they need to be smart, and they need to pay attention more to the plays we are calling,” Romero said.

Inexperience has been a problem in Socorro’s outfield, too.

“We go over time and time again, go catch the ball and then get ready to throw it. Sometimes they want to get rid of the ball before they catch it,” Romero said.

There’s only a little time left for Socorro to prepare for its District 3-3A slate, and the Lady Warriors hit the road on April 5 for a doubleheader against Hot Springs at 3 and 5 p.m.