socorro police department

Socorro Police Department, 407 Center Street.

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro Police Department

Feb. 2

An officer was dispatched to Don Juan’s Cocina for a break-in where someone had gained entry through the back door. The door jamb was missing and there were several small pieces of wood on the ground. The victim told the officer she had looked around and noticed the cash register on the floor. None of the money in the register was missing but the cord to the cash register was cut. The victim said about two hundred dollars in change that was kept under the register was missing. The victim advised she noticed her phone was not working and was not able to see if the line was damaged. The officer asked if she had video cameras and she told the officer she did and would go through the videos and let the officer know if she found anything.

A landlord in the 600 block of Mariposa reported that tenants had moved out and taken the aluminum stairs that had been installed in the home by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The victim said she spoke with neighbors and was advised the last time the stairs were last seen was on Sunday, Jan. 31. The victim valued the stairs at $20,000. At this time there are no suspects.

Officers were called to a home in the 700 block of Reservoir on a domestic call. The female suspect said the male suspect was mad at her because she touched a paper and threw a bowl of soup at her. The officer noticed she did have soup on her clothes. The father of the two suspects said the female was causing problems in the home inciting the male suspect to throw his bowl of food up into the air which subsequently hit the female. The officer cited the male for Battery. The female had several warrants for her arrest and was arrested.

Feb. 3

An officer was called to Walmart for a shoplifter. The caller and a witness said the male suspect left, walking south and then towards the interstate but left behind a tote with merchandise the suspect was intending to take. Assisting officers located the suspect with a backpack containing stolen merchandise. The suspect was taken back to the store, where a search of the backpack turned up a small container of narcotics. The suspect admitted he was shoplifting to buy narcotics but was not aware of the drugs in his possession. The merchandise was returned to the store and the suspect was booked into the SCDC. Field tests were done on the suspected narcotics and a positive test was received for both.

Feb. 5

A woman in the 200 block of Sixth Street heard her windows breaking and when she looked out the front door she saw the male suspect exiting the yard. The damage was estimated to be $600. The officers attempted to locate the suspect in the area and charges are pending in the case.

A caller on Hilltop Street reported that her ex-husband was accessing her phone and Facebook app remotely and erased her phone contacts. She said she was now receiving messages and calls from her ex-husband but did not want any contact from him. She has filed other reports about him, and that he added her to his health insurance without her permission. She said she lent her car to a neighbor who brought her a Coke, but the Coke had a different taste and she asked that the contents be tested at a lab, and turned over the container to the officer. The officer called the phone numbers that were provided, the one number belonged to a neighbor who said she received calls from the victim and tried calling back but the victim did not answer so the text message was sent. The officer contacted the ex-husband and informed him that the victim did not want any further contact with him. He said he was just texting with her prior to that, but he would stop contacting her, and that she needed to stop contacting him. The victim was notified that the two were contacted and one was identified as a neighbor. The victim claimed the neighbor was lying and the victim had messages. On the following day, the neighbor of the victim called and reported the victim was knocking on the neighbor’s door accusing the neighbor of lying. The neighbor said she had to block the victim’s calls.

A woman on Blue Canyon Road rep[orted to police that the male suspect was talking with her boyfriend across the street. She said the suspect offered her boyfriend a handgun and asked her boyfriend if he wanted to shoot her. She said she saw the gun and was afraid of the suspect. The suspect did not give the gun to her boyfriend and left on a bicycle. The officer met with the boyfriend who said the suspect was arguing with the victim and pulled out a handgun but did not point it at anyone. The suspect then left. The officer staffed the case with the District Attorney’s office and no charges were approved at this time.

Officers were called to the scene of an argument on Cassady Lane. The officers met with the caller who said he saw a male walking on the ditch and confronted him over allegations the male had touched his daughter inappropriately when the daughter was 14. The caller said he told the male to get his belongings out of his yard and informed him of what the daughter told the caller. The male denied the allegations and told the caller his daughter was a liar. When the caller got into his car, the male slammed the door shut. At that the caller exited his car and confronted the male, throwing the male in the ditch. The male then claimed he was a representative for a biker gang and would have the gang members come to the caller’s home. The caller asked that the incident be documented due to the threats. The officer contacted the male, who handed the officers a card that said he would not make a statement without his attorney present. At this time the incident was documented.

Officers were called to a home on Sixth Street for a domestic. Offices located the suspect leaving the area and detained him. The suspect had an injury to his finger. The officer met with the victim, who said the suspect was mad at her and pushed her and pulled her hair. The victim allowed the officer to check the home and explained the suspect grabbed her by the throat and threatened her. The officer did not notice any immediate injuries. The victim said her throat was sore from being choked but declined medical assistance. The suspect was arrested and stated there was a verbal argument but no physical contact occurred. The suspect was arrested and booked into SCDC.

Feb. 8

An officer was dispatched to the Socorro Public Library on the report of a break-in. The officer met with the reporting party who said a fence on the north side of the property had been broken. The officer did notice damage to the gate. The officer looked around the area and checked all doors for damage. No damage was noticed to any of the doors, and no entrance was made into the building. The officer was advised of cameras on the outside of the building.

Socorro County Sheriff’s Department. Inside the county court house.

The following items were taken from reports at the Socorro County Sheriff’s Department

Jan. 26

An officer met with a woman at the sheriff’s office who said she was checking the contents of her daughter’s school-assigned Kindle Fire. She said that she routinely does this as from time to time images and videos from other people appear on the tablet. She said that in the past she has seen female subjects in their underwear on her daughter’s tablet and other images and videos that are not appropriate for her daughter. Today she saw images of a small boy with his privates exposed and she immediately brought the tablet to the sheriff’s office. The officer was able to see them but before they could be photographed they disappeared from the tablet. Phone conversations had been recorded on the tablet and the officer was able to identify the family. The officer went to the home and learned that a minor child in the home had a similar tablet. The officer was able to look on the tablet and noted that the same juvenile boy who had exposed himself was on this tablet as well. After meeting with the family the officer went to the school where the principal said that she was aware of an issue where a parent called in and stated one of her sons was taking explicit pictures of her other son with his school-issued Amazon Fire tablet. The officer learned that the mother of the two boys involved had called in and warned the school about what had happened and that she was trying to erase the images. The officer then spoke with Socorro Consolidated Schools Director of Technology who said that this has been an ongoing issue with the Amazon Fire Tablets. He said that many features to prevent these issues from happening had initially been installed but parents had learned how to uninstall them or bypass them. He said he routinely gets on the cloud and mass deletes pictures, videos and other data that is downloaded. The IT director said he immediately deletes the pictures to prevent other children from seeing the images. School staff was currently addressing this issue in an aggressive manner to prevent further incidents. The officer made contact with the parent of the boy in the images, who said when she learned what her boys had done, she immediately tried to remove the images and then contacted the school. The issue appears to have been resolved at this time.

Deputies were requested at 4 p.m. to Highway 304 in Veguita in reference to a burglary. The reporting party said that he owned the property but did not live there currently. He said that he passed by the house and saw a single cab Ford truck white truck being loaded with things from the front of the residence, including gates, the tops to his couches, and a pellet stove. A truck with several gates was located at another home on Highway 304.  At the home, the officer met with a male and a female. The male immediately became boisterous so he was placed into handcuffs and placed into the back of a unit until the situation was sorted out. The female explained that she was passing by the property and met with another male who told her that he was getting his property from the house, as the owner had thrown him out. She offered to help him retrieve his property and loaded some items into her own truck while the other male loaded items into his truck, and told her he would return later and get the rest of the belongings. She said he did not know the other male’s last name, or a contact number, or a possible address for him. She then voluntarily took the property that was in her truck back to the original address on Highway 304. The officer contacted the homeowner who denied allowing the other male to live in the home, stating that he had let him stay there only a couple of nights several months ago. He said he had no contact information for him.

Jan. 27

An officer met with an employee for the Bureau of Reclamation at 10:45 a.m. who said that this morning he brought a John Deere 6410 with a mower to the channel north of Escondida Lake. He then took the transport truck back and then returned to begin mowing. When he returned the front window of the tractor was broken and a rock was found in the cab. The officer searched around the area but could not find any footprints or tire prints. The estimated damage to the tractor is $300.

Jan. 29

An officer was informed at 2 p.m. of a BOLO for a teal Chevrolet Blazer last seen heading southbound on Interstate 25 at mile marker190. At mile marker 159 the Blazer was spotted and the officer attempted to catch up with the vehicle. The driver was unable to maintain his lane of travel and crossed over the center line several times. The vehicle took the 159 Exit and proceeded into the Road Runner truck stop, taking its time to stop the vehicle. While following the vehicle the officer noticed the driver reaching down toward the floorboard of the passenger seat. The vehicle came to a complete stop at the gas pumps. With a loudspeaker, the officer commanded the driver to turn the vehicle off and to throw the keys out the window. The driver did not comply even after he was told numerous times to exit the vehicle. At this time the officer conducted a high-risk stop due to the actions of the driver. While giving the driver commands the officer noticed that he had something in his hand which appeared to be a cell phone. He was then told to place it on the roof of the vehicle and to put his hands in the air. After exiting the Blazer the driver was commanded to get on his knees and interlock his fingers behind his head and to cross his legs. He denied drinking any alcohol and was then handcuffed and placed in the patrol unit. A check with NCIC showed he had an active arrest warrant. After other units arrived, officers found several empty containers of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey in the center console and floorboard of the vehicle. After the driver failed Standardized Field Sobriety Tests it was determined that he was unable to continue to operate a motor vehicle safely. He refused a breath test and was booked into the Socorro County Detention Center for the warrant and DWI.

Jan. 30

An officer was dispatched to Kunts Road in reference to a burglary. The homeowner stated that her contractor went to work on her home and noticed her front door was forced open and her pellet stove and an 18-volt Dewalt impact drill had been stolen. She stated that no one had been in the home since yesterday. The front door had damage indicating that the suspect tried to pry the door open but the deadbolt was locked so it was kicked open, which damaged the door frame and the deadbolt. The officer noticed one set of footprints in the charcoal powder on the front porch and found a set of vehicle tracks in the yard which appeared to back into the porch. The front driver’s side tire of the vehicle appeared to be a different tread than the other three. Three tires had street tread and the front driver side tire had an all-terrain type of tread. Photos were taken of the tracks. The estimated worth of the pellet stove was $2,200.